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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Finding Myself (Life Update) & A reflection on 2017

I cannot believe the lack of posts this year (a total of 1!) but if you read that post, you may see why. 2017 has been a hard year for me; as well as dealing with the loss of my dad, I also broke up with my boyfriend of almost 4 years. Through all of this darkness, I am retaining hope for the new year as I feel like I am really discovering who I am as a person (I know this sounds so wishy washy but it is true!!)

When people say 'What is your passion in life?', I always feel like I don't know how to respond. I always feel like I don't know what my passion is. However, each time I am some place new, I really embrace my surroundings and appreciate the smallest things, even in places most people would find boring. I always feel a deep urge to document my trip through photographs and to tell those around me about my experiences. I think I get this inspiration from travel vloggers such as Funforlouis (I am loving his world flight series at the moment). There, it becomes clear to me what my true passion is. I would love to be able to document my travels and travel for a living, but I know how competitive that market is and as an accountant, it isn't really feasible. So, for now, I will write this blog as a side project to my job and travel as and when I can.

Here is a round up of my 2017 (all photos taken on iPhone so not the greatest quality; will be sure to get my professional camera out in 2018!):
Earlier in the year, I visited the south coast of England. I had a great time and thought these little beach huts were real authentic!
A day out to Cambridge: it was way more beautiful than I expected.
Despite living in London, its sights never cease to amaze me. I constantly find myself taking pictures of the monumental sights it has to offer.

Working on clients near the sights is always good fun.
Walking to work with a  view of Canary Wharf was always a beauty (until I move house)

Walking home over London Bridge with a  great view of the River Thames and Tower Bridge.

Winter Wonderland is a must during the winter period.

BANKSY's work appeared at the Barbican, super close to my workplace.

The year also consisted of good food. This is Tart in Clapham and they do amazing tarts/quiches. This is the smoked salmon and pea one.

Just after my break up, I got away to Cyprus with my mum and my sister. It was a much needed relaxing break. Nothing makes me happier than the sunshine.

I visited the archaeological park in Paphos which are ancient ruins that form a major part of greek and roman history. Its sites and monuments date from prehistoric times through the Middle Ages.

A holiday wouldn't be a holiday without a bikini snap and a dip in the pool.
Beach times are the best

Who doesn't love a good dip in the pool
There are not many views that get better than the sunset over the ocean.
At the end of October, I visited Edinburgh for work. I honestly did not realise how beautiful this city was, so taking pictures in my free time was a must!!

The view from my hotel room window

Me in the Harry Potter Shop - Search Museum Context UK... Near the Grassmarket.
The castle at nighttime looks like something out of a movie

A rare thing for me... a selfie
November time is my birthday. I went for a lovely night out in London and finished up in the Sky bar. I recommend the sky garden as the 360 degree views of London are epic (and it is free to go up there for those of you on a budget!)

Me at the sky bar (The Shard in the background)
On Christmas Eve, me and my sister went to York which is really near my hometown. I have hardly been to this town despite living so close, which is strange as it is such a tourist hotspot!

Me by York Minster
The bustling streets of York

YORKSHIRE PUDDING WRAP (Not a very professional photo to put on the blog but as you can imagine, I am very excited by this as a Yorkshire girl) 
I obviously did many other things in 2017 but these were some of the moments I managed to document. This year I aim to document more and I hope to see you in the new year for lots of fun, laughter and travels!

Lots of love



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