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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Finding beauty on your doorstep | Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

Welcome back to the finding beauty on your doorstep series. I have been super busy with my new job in London and studying for my professional exams on top of working means I haven't been blogging. I haven't even had time to watch my TV programmes, it has been crazy! I am on a backlog with my blog posts so I thought I would try catch up and show you about some more trips I went on throughout Summer. Winter is creeping in now and I am actually quite excited about it for a change. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to next summer: it's my favourite time of year and I love going on fun trips, not just abroad but also in the UK. 

Anyway getting on with the post! When I was at my family home in Leeds with my boyfriend, we went on a day out to Knaresborough. If you are from the Yorkshire area, you have probably been here. Close to Harrogate, Knaresborough is a really beautiful underrated town. The history of the place is what makes it so interesting and Mother Shiptons cave is very intriguing attraction. Many of Mother Shiptons prophecies foretells many modern events and phenomena; a quick google search about her will tell you all about her.

Objects in the waterfall turn to stone due to the minerals in the water. Round the corner was a little well where it is said that you can make a wish whilst placing your hands in the pool of water, and your wish will come true. 

The cave itself

The walk through to Mother Shiptons Cave

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you ever been to Knaresborough?

Lots of love

Alice xxxx



  1. i've never been but it looks stunning to me, all the green and that wall bridge<33

    xx from italy
    Cate ღ kate/

  2. Thanks for such a beautiful post & series idea. It's amazing when you find beauty on your doorstep...I live in Oxford & North London and I think i'm going to start a series like this! Love your blog, Lauren -


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