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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Finding beauty on your doorstep | Brighton

Every British person will admit that going to the beach in UK is nowhere near as good as going to the beach abroad. However, when the sun does decide to rear its head, some of the seaside resorts can be super nice. Cornwall is supposed to have the best beaches but there is something about Brighton that everyone seems to love. It was the last few days before the freedom of unemployment came to an end so me and my boyfriend took a trip down there for a day out. We were very lucky with warm weather, baking sunshine and blue skies.

First of all, we went for a wander down the Lanes, looking into the cute little shops and searching for some lunch.

We found a nice restaurant called the Olive Grove and we enjoyed some tapas. I love tapas; picking and choosing between dishes is sometimes what you need rather than a great pile of food in front of you.

I'm not a big fan of the pebbled beach in Brighton as it is quite hard to walk on and not exactly comfortable sunbathing, but the pier is a great landmark.

We finished the day off with some sorbet. I had raspberry and mango whereas James had Gin and Tonic sorbet. The place is called Boho Gelato - the amount of flavours of icecream they have are amazing!

As the sun was setting over the sea, we headed for our train home. It was such a lovely sunny day - now it is late October and cold outside; I am missing it!

Where is your favourite place to go in Brighton?

Lots of love

Alice xxxx

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