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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Finding beauty on your doorstep | The Lake District

So this is the second post in the series. My previous post was about vising Aysgarth Falls in the Yorkshire Dales and our stay in Cumbria. Today my post is about the beauty of the Lake District.

After a lovely pub lunch in Cumbria, we headed to Windermere. Windermere lake is a pretty famous in the Lakes and is about 10 miles long! The trees and hills surrounding the lake are truly STUNNING that even my camera couldn't catch it as we saw it. I couldn't believe this existed in England! We took a boat out which was £25 for 1 hour: pretty pricey but it was a motorboat and we were in the lakes after all.

We went back to the cottage for a lovely chilled night by the fire and a good game of balderdash (hilarious game!) I'd really like to return to the lakes in the future, perhaps a different part of the national park, for example Keswick.

Have you ever been to the Lake District? If so, which part and what did you do?

Lots of love, Alice xxx


Saturday, 20 August 2016

Finding beauty on your doorstep | Aysgarth Falls

This post is following on from my most recent post; finding my blog direction. I announced that I have a series of posts coming up about finding beauty on your doorstep. You do not always have to travel to the other side of the world to see new and beautiful things.

As I currently live in the north of England (pot by the time you are reading this). I do not live far from the beautiful national parks including the Yorkshire Dales, the North Yorkshire Moors, The Peak District nor the Lake District. They are all beautiful places! Recently, I took a weekend to the Yorkshire Dales and sandwiched in a trip to the Lake District too. It was such a nice weekend.

We stayed in Sedbergh, a place classed as Cumbria yet on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. On our drive there, we drove the whole width of the Yorkshire Dales so we got to see the bredth of beauty. We firstly stopped at Aysgarth Falls, which is in the area of Wensleydale (great for cheese lovers) and it was where the Robin Hood movie was filmed.

Once we arrived at the cottage, we went on a walk to explore the local area. In particular, we climbed a big hill and got some very scenic photos at the top!

The next day we went just out of the Dales to a place called Barbendale, yet it still looked like it was in the national park. Actually, the day we left on 'Yorkshire Day' it was announced that the Yorkshire Dales had been increased by 25% so perhaps this area was included in that region now.


I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to know what places in your country that are beautiful and that you love to visit!

Lots of love, Alice xxx

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Finding my blog direction!

Hello, hope you're all well!

My blog has been pretty stagnant recently, particularly with regards to beauty posts. I started my blog years ago and have had a very on and off relationship with it. I have always been passionate about the online community, whether it be bloggers or youtubers. I started my blog with beauty on the brain as I had a real passion for it after spending hours browsing youtube for the latest make-up tutorial. As I have gone through my life and gotten through university, that passion has slowly disintegrated. No longer do I get excited about the newest launch of MAC lipsticks or the new skincare brand I have discovered. Not only do I not want to write about beauty anymore, I don't even read beauty blogs anymore. What I do love to read and watch are travel and lifestyle related content. Funforlouis is my favourite youtuber; he travels the world with a real optimistic outlook and I find it inspiring. I love blogs such as Emtalks and Niomi Smart as well as all the popular travel blogs.

That is why I am now classing my blog as lifestyle and travel related! I would love to become established in this category and even though I am not currently travelling the world, I will make posts about my trips, whether they be in the UK or abroad. I have been lucky to secure a graduate job in the City of London so I am sure plenty of London posts will be coming. I am looking forward to discovering new areas of London away from the tourist spots.

I have a series of blog posts coming up called Finding beauty on your doorstep. These days it is easy to become infactuated with the desire to travel. I get it. I do too. But sometimes, people are looking at places they cannot visit and ignoring the beauty and travel opportunities within their own country. I recently took a trip to the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District and realised how truly beautiful England is. That inspired me to make this post and change how my blog is perceived. I wholly enjoy writing posts about trips I have been on; recent posts were on Corfu in Greece, Berlin in Germany and Prague in the Czech Republic. (These posts are linked if you would like to check them out.)

That's my little ramble for this evening - I hope you visit my blog in the future with perhaps a little inspiration and some pretty decent photos to look at ;)

Love of love, Alice xxx

Saturday, 6 August 2016


I recently wrote about my wonderful trip to Prague (you can read it here) which was followed by a trainride to Berlin. Travelling by train instead of flying allowed me to see the countryside and the suburbs where people live, something different from the touristy cities. The journey followed a river lined by cute little Czech houses.

Views on the train from Prague to Berlin

Views from the train 

We went to a really nice vegan/vegetarian restaurant and I had an amazing dish which was spring rolls, rice noodles and some asian salad. The spring rolls were the most amazing spring rolls I have EVER tried.

Not very cultural, but for a bit of fun, we went to Madame Tussaud's. Here's a picture of me with my boyfriends. ;)

Me at the Holocaust Memorial: The Memorial to the Murdered Jews Of Europe

The Reichstag Building

The Topography Of Terror: Information about the rise of the nazi's infront of the remains of the Berlin wall

Berlin was pretty different to Prague. Many of the buildings are relatively new as it was bombed a lot in the war. I have never been too interested in history (I didn't even take it as a subject at GCSE!) but visiting Berlin made me become so interested in history, especially World War 2. We visited the Holocaust memorial and the museum underneath it which was truly eye opening; I definitely recommend that! We also went to the Topography of Terror which explained lots about the rise of the Nazis. In addition to the war history, Berlin holds history regarding the Berlin Wall and its division after the war. I definitely recommend going whether you are interested in History or not - it's an eye opener! There are lessons I wish people would learn in today's society - it is scary how the Nazis got in to power and it shows how it could so easily happen again!

Wow that got deep!

Anyway I hope you liked this post! Most of my posts appear to me travel based recently but I am kind of falling out of love with beauty a bit. A post on that to come.

Lots Of Love
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