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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Prague is beautiful!

I love nothing more than seeing new places and travelling to other countries. Whenever I have the disposable income, I look to see where I can book next. Whilst being bogged down by exams, me and my boyfriend decided to book a trip to cheer ourselves up. We decided on going to Prague and Berlin. As much I loved both cities, Prague was my favourite as it was so picturesque and held some really historical buildings from the 1300's as it escaped damage from World War 2, much unlike many other European cities.

I believe the Old Town of Prague is the greatest attraction due to its historical buildings, especially the astronomical clock. I recommend going to the top of the clock as we had panoramic views of the city.

As well as seeing all the wonderful sites, we also ate a lot of nice food! That is one of my favourite things to do when travelling. Unfortunately, Czech food is all about the beef and I don't eat that so I couldn't really try out local cuisine. We ended up going to a really nice veggie restaurant called 'Etnosvet' which is actually #4 out of 4449 restaurants in the whole of Prague according to Tripadvisor! We also went to Duplex (fancyyyy) which is a club too however it was not open the night we were there or on the nights we had left. We also went to 'Oliva Nero' which was a gorgeous Italian restaurant.

Have you ever been to Prague? If so, how did you find it?
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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Corfu, Greece PART 2 | Corfu Town, Boats and Quadbikes

So I previously did a post about my trip to Corfu and it mostly involved the resort I stayed in and meeting Geordie Shore. (See it here). We did some fun activities whilst we were there which included a sunset boat cruise, a boat trip to Corfu and quad biking around the island.

I felt that we got to see quite a bit of the island and that is often something I worry about after visiting a place. I hate going to a place and only seeing a tiny fraction of it. The sunset boat cruise was nice with the respect that we got to see the east coast south of our resort however it was a cloudy day so we did not see a sunset. Our boat trip to Corfu town was great as we got to see the town as well as the east coast north of our resort. We went into the middle of the island and to the west coast, in particular to Issos Beach. We ended up driving too far south and ended up down near Kavos! I really wanted to go to Kavos one evening for a laugh, but my boyfriend wasn't keen on that idea! We gave the bike in at about 3 as there was a problem with it so kindly the guy gave us the next morning on it too where we headed north on the east coast and visited Achillon Palace and Benitses.

Views from the boat going to Corfu Town:

In Corfu Town:

Walking up the old fortress

Our Quad Biking adventure:

Issos Beach

Lake Korrision
Achillon Palace:

I am travelling to Prague and Berlin soon so look for a post on those too! 

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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Corfu, Greece PART 1 | Meeting Geordie Shore & 5* Resort

My favourite posts to write are about my travels as I know I can look back on them in the future. I like that I can keep them as memories in my own little space on the internet. They may not be super wordy but I believe photos speak a thousand words. This post will show pictures of the resort and I shall do a part 2 detailing the fab trips I went on!

Despite visiting Greece for a relaxing holiday last year, we knew we wanted to go back as Greece is seriously stunning. We always like to try new places so instead of the mainland, we headed to the island of Corfu. I wasn't sure what to expect as my mum has been twice and had 2 different experiences. Safe to say we chose a beautiful part of the island, a 5* resort sitting between olive groves in the hills and the coastline, overlooking the mountains where mainland Greece and Albania lay in the distance. 

Instead of sitting in the resort, we went exploring. Not only did we go on 2 boat trips: a sunset cruise and a boat ride to Corfu town, we also went quad biking across the island. Here we visited Issos beach and Achillon palace near Benitses.

The food in the a la carte restaurants were amazing and presented so well!

Me and Gaz from Geordie Shore
REALLY BAD PHOTO QUALITY (TAKEN ON PHONE) but me and my friend with Holly and Nathan from Geordie Shore

A few nights in to the holiday, some friends we met said they just saw the whole cast of Geordie Shore in the hotel. Turns out they were staying the night before moving on to Kavos to continue filming series 13 of the show. I came across Gaz whilst wandering round the resort and later on, I ended up sitting, chatting and drinking with Holly and Nathan and their security. They were SO lovely!!

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