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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Picnic in the Peak District

One of the things about going to university in Sheffield is that the beautiful Peak District is on our doorstep. The national parks in England are actually really beautiful and I sometimes we think about how much we want to travel without admiring the beauty sat right next to us.

Whilst writing this right now, I have just left university which is really sad. But I am so excited for the future!


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Why I Don't Trust the Health and Fitness Industry

This post may come as a controversial post, but I think it is important to discuss these things and to highlight that you cannot follow everything you read on the internet. Since learning more about the plant based diet lifestyle and reading the China Study (the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever written), I have realised that, quite frankly, many health bloggers and youtubers do not know what they're talking about. Don't get me wrong, I have not turned completely plant based and I still enjoy unhealthy food (probably too often!), but promoting this kind of food as 'healthy' is truly irresponsible. I am not going to name names however I just want to raise awareness and make people think twice about what they are reading. It is important.

Vegan Tortilla Pizza with spicy arrabiata sauce and Mediterranean vegetables - only 180 kcal per pizza! Gluten-free option.:
One particular 'fitness guru' is famous for posting his quick meals in the form of instagram videos and has brought out a 'lean' cookbook. My housemate has this book and I think many of his recipes are awfully unhealthy. Admittedly, he is a funny guy but the fact that his book includes things like bacon and chorizo, really raises eyebrows about what he thinks is a 'healthy' meal. I really do not think these processed meats are things that should be included in a book claiming to make you 'lean' when processed meat has been seen to be one of the leading causes of cancer and heart disease. I think promoting these kind of foods in a health book is VERY irresponsible. In addition, many of his meals promote the whole 'meat and vegetables' meal style, which are fatty and where are the carbohydrates?! Pasta, potatoes and rice; the foods that feed your cells with the glucose that they need. If you are following his intense workout plans and cutting out carbs, your body is not going to be getting enough energy.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of bloggers who promote a healthy lifestyle; Deliciously Ella has some lovely recipes in her book and promotes raw healthy ethical living. But as I say, there are some that just do not.

There is one particular health and fitness blogger/youtuber who I love to watch for general stuff and she is super knowledgable when it comes to fitness, however some of her videos make me sad. As I have done a LOT of research and the things she puts out on the internet are untrue. Young girls are impressionable and are taking in this false information, which is scary to me! I have thought it on many occasions but one example is that she promotes having eggs for breakfast often without mentioning the amount of cholestrol that these eggs contain. I once questioned her on it and she said 'Cholestrol occurs naturally in the body so I don't see why eating it is bad'. For someone dishing out health advice to come out with such an uneducated comment, is worrying. Cholesterol does occur naturally in the body and is vital for the normal functioning of the body. However, a high level increases your risk of serious health conditions. My dad is told he is only able to eat 2 eggs a week; and this is a very  maximum - he should not really eat them at all. 

Despite this, I do not blame her personally. Amongst the 'fitness industry' false information is shoved to and fro and impacts the vulnerable people who need nutritional advice the most. One of my main annoyances is the emphasis put on protein. PROTEIN. Argh I am so sick of the word. Yes, your body needs protein for muscles to repair but there is barely such a thing as protein deficiency. Iron deficiency, sure. Protein deficiency, no. 3% of the worlds developed population is said to not get enough protein and this is due to malnourishment and those that live on junk food. The fitness industry thrives from highlighting this protein so-called deficiency to sell products and keep the cruel animal industry going. I would not be surprised if they were collaborating with the meat and dairy industry due to the panic of meat consumption decline.

I hope you enjoyed this post or that it made you think a little about the things you often read. This is my take on what I feel about health and fitness bloggers. I mention fitness in the title because it is those taking part in fitness education on the internet that highlight the need for protein and promote such supplements. Did you know that most of us actually have too much protein? There is such thing as too much protein and it can really take a strain on your kidneys. (Read this article written by a Dr if you are interested).

The health dangers concerning meat and dairy are overwhelming and I think it is truly irresponsible for bloggers and youtubers to be promoting this as a healthy lifestyle. I do eat chicken and dairy (when it is hidden in foods) now and again (very rarely and never cook with it!), so I am not been a preachy vegan here (not like I believe there is anything wrong with being one!) This is not 'shade' or calling people out, just simply telling you to be careful with what you read and do your own research!! I hope you enjoy, comment with your thoughts below!


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