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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Creamy Mushroom Rostis | Vegan, Plant Based, Healthy

Recently I have been experimenting with food a lot since I am moving more towards a plant based diet. This means I have become much more creative with recipes, creating tasty yet nutritional dishes. I saw these rosti's on Jess's Youtube Channel (Link) and her 'What I eat in a day' videos are plant based/vegan and amazing. I have an obsession with mushrooms so I decided to make some vegan creamy mushrooms by using soya cream. Note: the pictures in the post are not the best quality but the lighting in my uni kitchen is very hard to get right. Despite this, I wanted to get this recipe across!

2 Potatoes
1 Onion
Grated carrot
1 Courgette
Any herbs/spices you would like

A handful of Mushrooms
Soya cream

Firstly, grate all the vegetables. I would use a food processor however I do not have one so the grating/thinly slicing of vegetables took some time!

Secondly, mould all the veggies together - you may need to use some flour to do this. Add the herbs and spices of your choice.

Heat some oil up in a pan and fry some of the rosti mixture on each side for about 5 minutes.

Put into the oven to keep warm and set a bit more whilst you fry the other rosti's.

For the creamy mushroom sauce: 
Slice the mushrooms and fry in the pan for about 5 minutes and add the garlic in about half way through. Then add the soya cream and simmer to mix the flavours together for a few more minutes.

Serve and enjoy!

I hope you like this recipe! You can adjust things to how you'd like them but its a very tasty plant based recipe and all those veggies mixed with herbs and spices make for a flavourous lunch.

If you want more tasty plant based recipes, let me know as I am always experimenting as I have an amazing recipe book and watch lot of YouTube videos!


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My Favourite Places In The World

Hey everyone, how ya doing?

My favourite posts are travel related and I have recently found myself reflecting on amazing places I have been, so I thought I would do a post about it as it may help some of you with your travel search.

Favourite hotel: Ikos Oceania
I visited this hotel last September and it was honestly incredible. It was all inclusive but not the generic tacky place you usually think of. We only visited the buffet on the first night; the rest of the time we had unlimited access to the a la carte restaurants which included Greek, Italian, Asian and French. The decor was very modern; white, open and spacious. It is definitely 5* and I would love to go back. If you would like to read more about it, I did a post: 'My incredible trip to Halkidiki'. If you would like to go to their website, click here

Favourite City: Venice

This city is not only so special to me because my boyfriend took me here for my 21st, but also because it was truly stunning. The architecture in Venice is beautiful and the fact that you can only get around by boat, makes it a very unique city. It feels like a different world and I feel it would be the perfect escape if you are feeling under stress. If stunning visuals don't interest you, then go for the food! Even restaurants that, at first glance, look shabby; are how traditional restaurants are in Italy and have some amazing comfort food. Venice has suburbs, which were technically islands, and we stayed in the famous Murano. Read about my surprise birthday trip HERE. You can look at the hotel I stayed in HERE.

Favourite beach destination:Mexico

I stayed at the Riu Palace Riveria Maya in Mexico over a couple of years ago and the sand was the whitest I have ever seen. The Carribean area is famous for its luscious beaches but I think I preferred Mexico to other Carribean destinations I have visited. Look at those blue waters!

A place where I would happily live: Madrid, Spain

I would love to live in Spain as I am eager to learn the Spanish language. Madrid is the capital city and I feel it is somewhere I could live; for example not too far from the life I know in terms of the shopping and jobs etc. Despite not been beside the sea, a 4 hour drive or a train journey would take you to the gorgeous Spanish shores when the sun is blazing. The weather is very hot in summer though, so I think I would definitely need a pool and some air con! Read about my trip to Madrid HERE.

So there are my favourite places under 4 categories! 

Where would you like to live? What is your favourite city?

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