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Monday, 21 March 2016

Body shaming or inappropriate?

Long time no speak! It has been over 3 weeks since I last posted and that is due to the fact that life is hectic right now. I don't know how people run blogs and YouTube and have jobs/uni too, I applaud them!

Anyway, this is very unlike the kind of posts I usually do but I think I would quite like to do more posts on current topics and things I feel passionate about. Today I want to talk to you about sexualisation of a women's bodies.

This post was inspired by the whole Kim K debate. If you didn't know, recently she uploaded another picture of herself naked on her social media profiles. Some people argue that she shouldn't be posting things like that as it is inappropriate whereas others identify it as female sexual self expression. I do understand both sides but then I think that women's bodies can do so many amazing things and should not be viewed purely as sexual objects. It's a confusing debate.

I feel there is 2 ways of seeing it:

In one way, women have so much more to offer than their bodies and posting these images of yourself is objectifying. It is not a good influence to other girls who think they should do the same thing in order to be paid attention.You are showing the world your body and nothing behind it: no personality or intelligence. A lot of men will see this as sexual (unfortunately) and will not see past that.

In another way, women should be able to be expressive with their sexuality and feminism is about doing women doing what they want. Sexual expression should not be a bad thing as it is OK for men.
It is fine for women to be naked on magazines and billboards to sell products; for men's eyes. However when women put pictures up of themselves half naked on their own accord, there is an outrage. And that does not make sense to me.

I see both sides but the last point I made rings clear in my brain. Why is it OK for women to be naked on billboards yet when uploaded to instagram, there is an outcry and you are called 'attention seeking'.

I would love to write posts on my thoughts regarding everyday issues for example feminism, girl hate/love and veganism. I love beauty but I also love politics and I feel that people can be interested in lots of things at a time. Let me know if you'd like that!

What do you think on this issue?


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