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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Goals for 2016

Every year we make goals in the hope that our lives will be much happier but lets be honest, none of us really stick to many of our resolutions. However, I still make them so I thought it would be interesting to share them with you and check back during the year to see how I'd got on. I've split them in to career, health and wellbeing.


Pass my degree with a 2:1 or 1st - So by mid June, I will have finished university with a Mathematics degree (hopefully!). I really hope to gain an upper second class grade or above in order to secure the best job I can do and obviously, to do myself proud. Mathematics is a very hard degree and to complete it with a good grade will be a real life accomplishment.

Get a graduate job - So this follows on from the first goal. I hope to secure a graduate role in something that I will enjoy doing; in an industry I am passionate about. I am very ambitious when it comes to my career and am constantly striving to improve myself. I hope it will all be worth it.


Convert to a plant based diet - After reading lots of actual scientific evidence on the health benefits of being a vegan and eating a plant based diet, I have been eating vegetarian/vegan most of the time. (I'd say whilst cooking at uni, I cook 100% vegan). As my other goals are to have graduated and gain a graduate job, hopefully in London, I believe this will present lots more vegan options for food on the go.

Cut down on sugar - This kind of comes hand in hand with having a plant based diet. This is because most of the sugary foods I eat include chocolate and sweets - both which include animal based products.

Drink more water - I get headaches really often, especially when I am doing work. I''ve realised it is because I am dehyrated! I tried setting my alarm every hour and ensuring I had drunk a pint and you know what? I, for once, didn't have that headache dizzy feeling that makes me feel nauseous. I have always been bad at drinking water and whilst writing this post, I realise I've drunk half a 500ml bottle of water all day as well as a bit of blackcurrant (and its 11pm at night). So bad.


Relax a little more - Since meeting my boyfriend, I realised how unnecessarily I stress out. He is pretty chilled out and I used to stress out about the smallest thing. Life is for living to the full and what is the point in getting stressed out? I am currently reading 'The Chimp Paradox' which explains how your mind works and why we act the way we do. You know those times you say something to someone and after, think, 'Why did I say that?!' Well this book helps you control those feelings and helps you become a happier, more successful person. I recommend for you to read it.

Digital detox - Not only does the lack of water give me a headache, I think technology has something to do with it too. Been on my phone and my phone for too long makes me feel dizzy. I think it would be better for my health and well being to stay off my phone, particularly when with my boyfriend and at nighttime.

So there are my goals for 2016. I am not sure whether you will find this interesting but I love reading these kind of posts. I feel that it all comes down to a slight lifestyle change and yo yo dieting will never work so please don't make a silly diet part of your new years resolutions! I will write a post soon on how you change your lifestyle and diet to be healthier.

Lots Of Love,



  1. these goals sound so good, I could definitely relate with these too! Best of luck with them this year lovely <3 x

  2. That book sounds just up my street! Great post loved reading it :)

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