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Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you have all had/are having a great day! Everything has finally slowed down a bit and today is an excuse not to do revision so here I am. We have opened our presents, had Christmas dinner, been to see my granddad and are now chilling by the fire watching TV after having some Christmas pudding. I am excited to crack out the chocolates later on. Not only do I love the food on Christmas Day, but also been surrounded by the glittery decorations and having lovely cosy films on the TV. 

I will try and post as much as I can whilst the exam period is here but I will definitely be back on blogging form after my last exam (29th January). Thanks to those that have stuck with me in 2015!

Lots Of Love,

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Travel Bucket List: Winter Destinations

Even though it is nice to be at home for Christmas, it is also nice to go on holiday during this time. Either somewhere to make you feel christmassy, or somewhere hot for those who hate the cold weather (me!). Therefore, I thought it would be very appropriate for the time of year whilst incorporating places I would like to go in the future.

Lapland, Finland: This is a place that will make you feel more christmassy. I really want to ride on santas sledge and see the Northern Lights.

Iceland: Again, another winter place. I think it would be really cool to go here when it is snowing and really cold whilst bathing in the hot lava pools. I'm pretty sure it is something on everyones bucket lists and I definitely plan to go in the next couple of years!

Norway: Norway sounds amazing in all weathers and I heard it can be pretty beautiful in summer. I want to visit Oslo but I also think it would be nice to head up north where there is lots of snow and it would be nice to see the local culture.

Travel around Australia: Australia is having its summer period right now so if you are wanting to escape to a place of sunshine, this could be the place. As it is so far away, I would want to make a real trip of it. I think I would start in the west in Perth and work my way east across to the Gold Coast. I would definitely like to stay in the centre of Australia for a bit and see the real outback.

Safari in South Africa: South Africa is also having it's summer right now therefore it is no better time than to go on a safari. I cannot wait to see one of my favourite animals; the giraffes!

Costa Rica: Our winter is Costa Rica's drier period and so this would be lovely to visit whilst seeing all the amazing creatures and wildlife. Costa Rica is a truly amazing country; it doesn't have an army and is just a super peaceful country. Apparently the people are really nice and it is a regular thing that a monkey will just appear on your balcony. The country is over 50% rainforest - ahhh doesn't it just sound insane.

Canary Islands: For someone who is looking for winter sun but does not want to sit on a plane for a long time, this is the place for you. The canary islands are a 4 hour flight from the UK and boast summer weather all year round. I particularly like Gran Canaria and have been here before as well as to Fuerteventura and Lanzarote when I was younger. Therefore this one isn't necessarily top of my bucket list but I would like to go to Tenerife and La Palma to say that I have been to the main islands. It is a short distance summer in winter after all.

Have any of you guys been to a great place in winter?

Lots Of Love,



Thursday, 3 December 2015

Non-Beauty Christmas Lust List

I know my blog has been filled with wish/lust lists at the moment but I really enjoy reading these kind of posts and most importantly, I really enjoy creating them. I feel like when there is sales on after christmas, I can look at these posts and buy the things I have wanted for a while rather than impulse buying random items. I realise christmas is about much more than the presents but a significant part is presents, especially giving presents to those you love. 

1: Victoria Secret Yoga Leggings / £23.80 (Sale) / Link 

2: Adidas Stan Smith Trainers / £65 / Link

3: Ted Baker Cosmetic Bag / £30 / Link

4: Binky Waterfall Trench Coat / £45.99 / Link

5: Chelsea Boots / £35 / Link

6: Calvin Klein Underwear - thong / £17 / Link 

7: Boux Avenue PJS / £28 / Link

8: Nourish Cookbook / £- / Link

9: Diptyque Candle / £20-40 / Link 

10: Flat Kneww High Boots / £40 / Link 

11: Throw/Blanket / £37.50 (Sale) / Link

12: Missguided Playsuit / £15 (Sale) / Link

13: Roll Neck Jumper / £28.99 / Link

I hope this gives you an idea of something to put on your christmas list and/or something you can get for your friends and family. What is on your christmas list?

 Lots Of Love,

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