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Friday, 13 November 2015

Venice Part Two: Murano

Following on from my previous post, I am going to share the beautiful place that is Murano with you. It is an island just off the coast of Venice: about a 7 minute water taxi/bus journey away. This is the island where we stayed for my surprise birthday trip and as you may know, it is famous for Murano glass. We spent the last day of our trip exploring this wonderful town and of course, eating in a beautiful Italian garden.

After looking in all the intricate Murano glass shops and walking past a really cool glass sculpture, we decided it was time for lunch. The #1 Murano restaurant according to tripadvisor was closed so we headed to the restaurant at the #2 spot and I am so glad we did. Situated in a beautiful italian-esque garden surrounded my trees and beautiful architecture we sat down to eat some food. The bruschetta to start was amazing; the best I have ever had. I had tomato pasta with scampi for my mains but wish I went for pizza (again!) because it just looked so good! We then had these really cool desserts upon recommendation from the waitress: white chocolate cream with coconut biscuit and different sauces on the top. Definitely something different from your typical brownie or cheesecake.

After more exploring, we sat at our hotel cafe overlooking the canal where the waterbus station was situated and watched the sun set. We left on our hotel water tranfer at about 5.30 to go to the airport. I was extremely sad to be leaving. Our hotel was called 'La Gare Venezia' (Venezia = Venice in Italian... not meaning to sound patronising but it actually took me a little while to notice). It was a 5* hotel and the decor was so classic, fresh, modern italian. I'll leave you a few pictures of the hotel here so finish off the post!

So thanks for reading and I hope you like these kind of travel posts. I have been lucky enough to visit quite a few places this year so my blog has shifted over to the more travel/lifestyle aspect. I have beauty posts scheduled though so it will still be a mixture on the whole.


 Lots Of Love,



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