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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A Surprise Birthday Trip To Venice

So last week it was my birthday and my boyfriend told me that I had to leave a few days free so that I was going to miss Halloween. I genuinely thought we would be heading to London and doing some sightseeing there. He tricked me when he said 'Yes but where abouts in London?' ... turns out it was London Gatwick airport!!

Upon arriving at Venice airport, I was mesmerised about instead of a bus or train station, it was a water boat station. The airport is on the mainland but Venice is an island connecting to the mainland via a long road but the main way to get there is by water taxi or water boat. 

We stayed at an amazing hotel in Murano which is an island really close to Venice, about a 7 minute boat ride from the coast of Venice and is actually closer to the airport. It is famous for Murano glass and we spent our third and final today exploring it. Our first and second days were spent in Venice so as I have A LOT of pictures, I am going to put this in to two posts; part one will be Venice city and part two will be Murano.

In Venice, we wandered around looking at the amazing architecture and eating incredible Italian food such as pizza, pasta and gelato. Italian food is officially my favourite even more so than before. We visited the famous St Mark's square and on the second evening we sat on the south of the island and watched a cruise ship pass through the south coast of Venice and southern island of Giudecca. It was pretty fascinating - those things are big.

Have you guys ever been to Venice? 
Look out for my next post which will detail my day in Murano and my hotel and everything.

 Lots Of Love,



  1. This sounds and looks like such a special trip! It takes me back to summer when I went to Venice :) beautiful post x

  2. Gorgeous pictures :) I would love to visit Venice!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥


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