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Thursday, 10 September 2015

TIPS: Packing For A Holiday

I have been on plenty of holidays in my life and feel I have got packing down to a T. Beach holidays are my fave - don't get me wrong I love sight seeing and seeing the world but I do love  staying in resorts and just chilling by the pool and on the beach. Bliss.

Write a list - I do this before packing anything because otherwise I will forget something! I start writing the list the day before I start packing so that when random things pop in to my mind, I can add it to the list. This is bound to make sure you don't forget anything... life saving!

Buy minis - Minis save up so much room and are actually really fun to buy. Because they are cheaper (most of the time!), I kind of go crazy. It's a great way to try out new products too without spending the full whack on a hair product you may actually hate. Noone wants to take a full bottle of heat protectant spray on holiday when about 1/10 of the bottle will actually get used. Which takes me on to my other tip...

Decant products - If you don't want to spend money on lots of different minis, decant your products into bottles. You can buy these little bottles in sets in Primark for next to nothing. Saves money AND room. Win win. 

Plan your outfits before you go - I used to do this and took the right amount of clothes, however when heading to Madrid this year, I just threw everything I liked in my suitcase. I came home with a big bag of clean clothes within my suitcase and just thought - what was the point? Of course, if you're a girl who likes options, you can always take a few tops that may go with a certain pair of shorts or whatever, but planning is key. You'll often look more put together on holiday too.

Split your clothes between two suitcases - If you're travelling with a partner or your family, try putting some of your belongings in their luggage just in case your luggage gets lost. It hasn't happened to me yet (touch wood!) but I know people who have had it happen to them. I can't imagine it is nice to be on holiday without your things. 

Put your products in see through toiletry bags - I think this is nice because you can see what products are where. It will be much easier to unpack and you may not even have to take your toiletries out if you can see where they are. You can buy them really cheap so it doesn't really matter if they get messy. I find makeup, brushes and beauty products end up making my nice toiletry bags really dirty so having these clear disposable ones is cheap, easy and efficient!

Remember to take items that will look after your skin - I'm talking tshirts to cover your shoulders, high SPF for your face and suitable SPF for your body. Nothing says I didn't put suncream on and got sunstroke better than an unattractive burnt face and body. If you are going skiing, SPF is still essential as you receive more UV up in the mountains. If you're going to a cold place at sea level, SPF may not be so necessary. It's all about packing correctly for the occasion.

Look at the weather forecast before you go - If your holiday destination is forecast to rain one of the days you are there, you may need to look into bringing a rain mac or an umbrella. For me, rain would mean less unbearable heat and more exploring. But I would only really be able to do this if I brought suitable clothing ie not just bikinis and the odd pair of shorts.

So there are my tips for when packing for a holiday. Or even a city break or business trip! I hope you like! If you like reading posts about beauty, travel, lifestyle and all that kinda thing, remember to follow me on bloglovin

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  1. Such a creative and cute post! This will definitely help me in my upcoming vacations! Xx


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