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Friday, 21 August 2015

My Poolside Beauty Essentials

I've been on many beach holidays in my lifetime so I've just about got my poolside essentials down to a T. I'm going to Greece soon so I've put together my essential poolside beauty items to show you. I don't like to take a lot to the beach/pool because I end up leaving my bag lying around and who wants a heavy bag in the heat? 

Piz Buin SPF 30 - This is an obvious one of course! Piz Buin is my favourite because its an ultra light sun spray and doesn't feel sticky on your skin. You should really be wearing at least SPF 30 when in the sun all day but I'm not going to lie, I usually go down to SPF 15 when I am already tanned. This is the best of the bunch in my opinion and isn't overly pricey. I know its about £15/20 in Boots but you can usually buy it a lot cheaper (like £5!) if you go to places such as Home Bargains and Bodycare.

Cane Austin Face SPF 50+ - Whether your skin is dry, oily or acne prone; you must wear SPF on your face. The skin on your face is thinner than the skin anywhere else on your body so it needs extra protection. Realistically we should wear SPF 50 everyday but I do find spending money on a good face SPF during winter is a total waste, especially in England. I never used to wear SPF on my face (except for my nose which usually goes red) until I found this amazing product by Cane Austin which I recently wrote about here. It is unbelievably thin and you can't even feel it on your face AT ALL.

Waterproof Mascara - I don't like to wear make-up around the pool as it feels disgusting and who can really be bothered with all that effort? I'd rather have extra time in the sun! I do like to pop a bit of mascara on so that I don't look totally bare but I also don't want to have panda eyes after been in the pool. That's why waterproof mascara is great and you can't get much better than the Maybelline Lash Sensational. I always find drugstore mascara amazing, it's definitely fab value for money. 

Eye Make-up remover - If your mascara does end up running under the eye a bit, it's nice to have some cotton buds and make-up remover to hand. I absolutely love this one by Neals Yard - generally I think Neals Yard is an amazing brand! It swipes the make-up away and the natural oils moisturise your lashes meaning they will grow nice and long! 

Water spray - This is super essential for me when it's hot as I hate it when my gets sweaty. The Avene spray is basically glorified water in a can but it feels so good! The UK price is a bit of a joke for water so you can always make your own! I didn't pay TOO much as I bought it in Madrid and it is much cheaper there AND they do smaller versions.

I hope you liked reading about my beauty essentials and it gives you some idea of what you might like to buy for your holidays. 

Lots Of Love,



  1. I LOVE that mascara so much <3 lovely post, have an amazing time in Greece! xx

  2. I agree that those sprays feel so good even if it is just glorified water! I have the Evian one.

  3. Lash Sensational came on holiday with me and it was such a life-saver! I really want to try the Avene face spray next :) xx

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