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Monday, 31 August 2015

6 Youtubers You Need To Watch Now

Lauren Curtis - Lauren is probably my favourite youtuber of all time! The Aussie stunner is funny and smart as well as beautiful. You can tell she's kind hearted and she's someone who I would love to be my best mate. Her stories about bullying make me really feel for her and I'm so glad she has become so successful giving a subtle f**k you to the bullies. Not to mention her beauty videos are the bomb; her make-up tutorials range from everyday wearable looks to glitz and glamour. 

FunForLouis - Louis Coles' travels are inspirational to everyone that watches him. I watch his vlogs every single day and he is constantly on adventures! Apart from his parents house, he doesn't actually live anywhere. He makes me really want to travel the world and now I know where what all the countries have to offer. His vlogs have taught me that you need to live life to the full and appreciate everything in your surroundings  wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Sunbeamsjess - I have been watching Jess for years and have followed her through her gap year travels to her university adventures in Edinburgh. I love that she is a successful youtuber but still focuses on education. She is a very intelligent gal with amazing fashion sense. Her wardrobe is insane and she has some wonderful pieces. She puts together an outfit like no other and really flaunts her individuality. She is so down to earth too and last but not least, her voice is so relaxing! 

ThatcherJoe - It's funny because Joe actually followed me on twitter before he even got YouTube and now look at him! 5 million subscribers later, he is super successful. Some people say it's because of his internet famous sister Zoella, but I think he deserves his success as he is frikkin hilarious. My favourite videos of his are when he is with his hilarious housemate Caspar Lee or when he reacts to old tweets. His old tweets are hilarious and his reactions are even funnier.

Lily Melrose - I don't know what it is about Lily, but I love watching her chatty videos at night as they really relax me. I have recently been watching her vlogs about moving and I love how honest she is. (blogger)

Niomi Smart - Again, a youtuber that has become successful from another youtuber, her boyfriend Marcus Butler. But again, I feel she deserves her success as she has a real flair for food and healthy eating. After watching a video or two and doing some research, I really want to become vegan and eat a plant based diet. Niomis videos make me realise that I can have this diet and still enjoy lots of yummy food. Her recipes and 'What I eat in a day' videos are my favourite and I am definitely going to replicate her meals when I am back at uni. 

What youtubers do you guys watch? I always love finding new people!

Lots Of Love,


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

10 Reasons I Am Happy This Week

It is so easy to moan and forget about how lucky we are! The fact that you are on a laptop reading this right now highlights the privileges you have over many others in this world. I have really tried to be more positive this year and to see the good in every situation! I really do believe that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. There is always something to look forward to! So without further ado, here are the 10 things that are making me happy this week!

Finishing work! - I've been lucky enough to gain some paid work experience at an actuarial firm this summer but its finally coming to an end! I'm kinda happy because I feel like I've learnt all I need to know and it's given me a good step up into my future career. I'm happy that I don't have to work for the rest of summer and I can relax and look forward to the exciting things coming up...

Going to a wedding - Can you believe I've never been to a wedding in my life?! I am going to my boyfriends cousins wedding and it sounds like it's going to be completely amazing. I will definitely be doing an outfit post of what I wore on the day so look out for that!

Going to Greece - In 3 weeks time I will be going to a luxurious resort in Greece and I am so excited! It will be a really cute romantic holiday and we are going all out. The hotel has a private beach and we are going 'Deluxe' so will be able to have a romantic dinner on the beach. It will be a relaxing break before going back to uni.

Going vegan - When I go back to university, I am going to go vegan. You may ask, Why when you go back to university? Well, my family eat a lot of meat and it is very difficult to be fully vegan here. I have definitely been cutting down on animal products and cannot wait to try out lots of new amazing recipes when I get back to university! 

Decorating my new room - Going back to uni isn't all about work and partying, I still love a good chill night and that's what I'll be doing in my new room. I want to decorate it with fairy lights and make it all nice and cosy.

Getting a new laptop - My laptop is on its last legs so I am getting another one and I am so excited. I am getting one that is smaller so it will be easy to take everywhere with me and I can't wait to have all my files and documents all organised. I'm a sucker for organisation.

My friends & family - Of course it's not all about materialistic things, I am happy to be alive and healthy (Touch wood!) I have the most amazing boyfriend and family and I have friends around me who I know I can go without seeing for ages and I know everything will be just the same!

Lots Of Love,


Friday, 21 August 2015

My Poolside Beauty Essentials

I've been on many beach holidays in my lifetime so I've just about got my poolside essentials down to a T. I'm going to Greece soon so I've put together my essential poolside beauty items to show you. I don't like to take a lot to the beach/pool because I end up leaving my bag lying around and who wants a heavy bag in the heat? 

Piz Buin SPF 30 - This is an obvious one of course! Piz Buin is my favourite because its an ultra light sun spray and doesn't feel sticky on your skin. You should really be wearing at least SPF 30 when in the sun all day but I'm not going to lie, I usually go down to SPF 15 when I am already tanned. This is the best of the bunch in my opinion and isn't overly pricey. I know its about £15/20 in Boots but you can usually buy it a lot cheaper (like £5!) if you go to places such as Home Bargains and Bodycare.

Cane Austin Face SPF 50+ - Whether your skin is dry, oily or acne prone; you must wear SPF on your face. The skin on your face is thinner than the skin anywhere else on your body so it needs extra protection. Realistically we should wear SPF 50 everyday but I do find spending money on a good face SPF during winter is a total waste, especially in England. I never used to wear SPF on my face (except for my nose which usually goes red) until I found this amazing product by Cane Austin which I recently wrote about here. It is unbelievably thin and you can't even feel it on your face AT ALL.

Waterproof Mascara - I don't like to wear make-up around the pool as it feels disgusting and who can really be bothered with all that effort? I'd rather have extra time in the sun! I do like to pop a bit of mascara on so that I don't look totally bare but I also don't want to have panda eyes after been in the pool. That's why waterproof mascara is great and you can't get much better than the Maybelline Lash Sensational. I always find drugstore mascara amazing, it's definitely fab value for money. 

Eye Make-up remover - If your mascara does end up running under the eye a bit, it's nice to have some cotton buds and make-up remover to hand. I absolutely love this one by Neals Yard - generally I think Neals Yard is an amazing brand! It swipes the make-up away and the natural oils moisturise your lashes meaning they will grow nice and long! 

Water spray - This is super essential for me when it's hot as I hate it when my gets sweaty. The Avene spray is basically glorified water in a can but it feels so good! The UK price is a bit of a joke for water so you can always make your own! I didn't pay TOO much as I bought it in Madrid and it is much cheaper there AND they do smaller versions.

I hope you liked reading about my beauty essentials and it gives you some idea of what you might like to buy for your holidays. 

Lots Of Love,


Sunday, 16 August 2015


I had an hour to spare strolling round the streets of St Albans so I decided to go shopping. The second my eyes saw a Space NK, I was in there! It was the day before my trip to Madrid and I realised I needed a good SPF for my face as I usually avoid it altogether because my beloved Piz Buin unfortunately breaks me out. Suncream in generally clogs up my pores and it ain't good. 
After chatting to the lady, she recommended a few products and we went round swatching them all.
I chose this one by Cane Austin and it has the thinnest, milkiestnon-sticky consistency I have ever witnessed in a sun cream and it was SPF 50+!! I was concerned about my face not getting tanned as this is what usually gets rid of my breakouts, but she assured me my face would still get some colour. So £30 down, I hoped for the best.

Ultra sheer
Feels incredibly light
High SPF: No sun damage
Still possible to get a tan
Still possible to get a tan

Pricey: £32
No pump or spray

Not only am I going to wear it on holiday, I will wear it under foundation when I am in the UK. UV damage is active even when it's cloudy! It will also act as an excellent primer so you're getting two in one! If you'd like to try it out (which I highly recommend!), here's a link where you can buy it.

Lots Of Love,



Friday, 14 August 2015

Madrid Beauty Haul | Sephora & Duty Free

If you saw my last post about my amazing trip to Madrid, you will have read that I did a lot of shopping. I bought some nice pieces of clothing from Pull & Bear but most of my purchases were beauty related as I'm really getting back into make-up again. I went to Sephora and also did the obligatory shopping in duty free. Lets see what I bought!

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle - I picked this up in Duty Free on the way home from Madrid as I've been wanting it for ages. It is such a nice product and I can see why there's so much hype about online. The glow lasts all day on my face and I love that its a golden tone instead of a silver highlight that can tend to look ashy. I can't remember how much I paid but it was worth every penny. I would pay £30+ for this now I know how good it is!

Make Up Forever HD Powder - When I got to the till at Sephora, I saw this mini version of the famous make up forever powder and decided to pick it up and give it a try! Its a finely milled powder so gives a matte finish without looking cakey. The packaging isn't fab but that's because I got the mini version and its hard to capture the product without it flying everywhere. If I'm careful, I can get it to work without wasting too much product and it gives a really nice finish to my skin and keeps my face away from shine all day!

Sephora Cream Lip Stains - This product came top of my Sephora wish list. The red one is truly incredible. It is SOOO easy to apply and is the perfect red shade. It gives a gorgeous finish and doesn't feel horrible on the lips like some lip stains do. It does come off when eating though, but that is to be expected.

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner - I picked this up in El Corte Ingles in Madrid and all I have to say is that THIS.PRODUCT.IS.AHMAZING. I've tried gel liners in the past but they've dried up quickly and I never really liked them enough to get more than a few uses out of them. I have had so many uses out of this already and it is just the perfect texture and colour. I glide it on my lids with an angled brush and it stays on all day.

YSL Volume False Lash Mascara - I saw this product in duty free and exclaimed to my boyfriend how it was the touch eclat and how much I wanted it. He said he was going to the toilet and then surprised me with it before we got on the plane. How cute! I soon realised it wasn't the touch eclat but their new mascara. I was happy either way as who can complain about a YSL product, especially with that insanely beautiful packaging! I can't really give this mascara a fair trial yet as I've been having problems with my lashes. I've been using waterproof mascara for ages and have got into a habit of picking mascara off my lashes and pulling loads of them out. Horrible habit, I know. My lashes are much shorter and sparse now so they generally look shorter no matter what I use. What I can say is, this mascara stops your lashes been clumpy and gives a nice elongated flutter which I'm loving. 

I also picked up a black pencil liner from Sephora but I forgot to include it in the picture and lets be honest, it's not particularly interesting. Before I went I picked up a couple of skincare bits so look out for them on my blog soon, especially if you struggle with facial sunscreen that breaks you out. 

What do you guys like from Sephora and duty free? What should I pick up on my next holiday?

Lots Of Love,


Monday, 10 August 2015

TRAVEL: A Week In Madrid

So I haven't wrote a post in a while as I've been uber busy working as you probably saw in my last few 'this week' posts. After working in London for a couple of weeks, I headed to Madrid with my boyfriend for a lovely week away. It was a nice mixture of city break and poolside holiday. Our hotel had a rooftop bar and pool which was lovely to chill by in the afternoon after a morning of sightseeing. For reference, we stayed at the Be Live Santo Domingo in Santo Domingo which was just off Gran Via - the main street, a bit like the Oxford Street of Madrid.

On the first couple of days, we walked round the local area and did a coach tour of the whole city. I went to Mercado de San Miguel on the first day and it's the most famous market in the Spanish Capital. A coach or classic red bus tour is probably the best way to see the city and you see the traditional touristy bits as well as the big city business side as well as the famous Real Madrid football stadium. We went to visit the Royal Palace and the Temple of Debod and of course, SEPHORA. (Sephora, El Corte Ingles and Duty Free Haul coming soon YAY!)

One of my favourite times was when visiting Retiro park and taking rowing boats out on the lake. It was super hot but it was nice nonetheless. It's about 5 euros for 45 mins which I think is a complete bargain! It's definitely something worth doing if you visit.

I managed to get a bit of a tan whilst I was there and it was lovely to catch the rays before returning to the disappointing british summer.

On the evenings we had some lovely food which I chomped down without taking any pictures. We visited the famous San Gines Choclateria which is famous for churros in Madrid. I also got a massage in the street by a chinese woman sat on a bucket after one too many glasses of red wine!

If you're not sure where to go if you're heading there anytime in the future, some starting points would be the Royal Palace and the Temple of Debod for some culture, Retiro Park for some relaxation and head to Plaza Mayor, Plaza Santa Ana and Puerta del sol for some eating and drinking. Gran Via and Puerta del sol (Sephora) are great for shopping too!

Lots Of Love,


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