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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Summer Fashion Trends & Inspiration

So today I'm talking fashion trends for Summer 2014/15! Summer is just around the corner and I cannot wait to get my crop tops and maxi dresses out for that beloved weather we so rarely see in England. As I am going on two holidays this year, summer shopping will be happening very soon - as soon as my exams are over! Cannot waiiiiiit. After browsing websites such as Missguided and river island and reading fashion posts, I can get a grasp of what is going to be 'in fashion' this summer. Don't get me wrong, I am by no means a fashion expert but it's just something I've picked up on and it may be helpful to you guys too! Hopefully the collage I produced will give you some inspiration but I will outline the main trends below.

Bardot and off the shoulder crop tops - These tops are everywhere on the clothing websites and they are soooo 60s. I love it! I fancy getting a white one which will be nice paired with denim shorts or some high waisted trousers.
Flared trousers - Flares are also very 60s and I've seen some rather groovy looking ones online. Not sure if I'd be brave enough for brightly coloured ones as pictured above but I reckon a simple pattern in a coords set would bring them into my wardrobe nicely.
Block colour and high waisted bikinis - Bikinis are my obsession and I cannot own enough of them. Yet I still don't have high waisted bikini bottoms! They are super flattering and make legs look super slim and elongated. Block colours look awesome on any clothing item but bright block coloured bikinis look super stylish.
Big hats - Hats were very prevalent amongst Coachella festival goers and set the trend for this summer. Walking along the beach in a stylish hat is always going to turn heads.
Tassel bags - You can't go wrong with a tasseled bag for pairing with your favourite maxi dress and many are big enough to fit your beach essentials in but aren't too big that it's heavy or hard to hold.
Crochet - Crochet seems to be another major trend and I think it's such a beautiful texture. White crochet crop tops look so gorgeous paired with some short shorts and a tanned bod. 
Co-ords - Coords are so easy to wear and there are so many out there. I love crop tops paired with midi skirts as a set but you can get them with trousers and shorts too; whatever you fancy really. 
Make-up: the Kylie Jenner lip is still very much on trend and everyone seems to be rocking it. I am definitely in need of picking up the Mac Soar lip liner to recreate this look. Glowy natural tanned skin is always the key to a beautiful complexion in summer so my Topshop all over glow will definitely be making an appearance as will my Sleek contour kit.

Tell me: What do you think the top summer trends are and are there any pieces you think I should have? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots Of Love,



Friday, 22 May 2015

Update: My Blogger Disappearance, Career & Summer Plans.

Hey readers, I hope you're all doing fab!

I'm writing this to explain my absence in the blogging world in the past month or so. I love blogging and the whole online beauty culture but it just hasn't been my priority recently because so much is going on at university. Maths is a demanding degree and is incredibly hard! Running a blog, even if it's just a post once a week, doesn't even come in to my head when exams loom so close around the corner. My second year actually counts this year so it's extra stress and I feel the pressure to do well!

On top of this, I have to think about my future career and I don't know what I want to do yet. I don't know if I want to be an actuary, meteorologist, business consultant, teacher; the list goes on! There's such pressure to get summer internships to be able to secure a graduate job at a top company but I seemed to get rejected from most and the one assessment centre I was invited to, I was unable to make due to illness. It sucks!

BUT I have had some fun - I had my society ball which was masquerade themed and it was super fun!

I've managed to bag a summer job for a couple of weeks in London which will be cool and I have a casual job at home where I may be able to pick up a couple of shifts after they organise another induction! I have two holidays planned too which is sooo exciting! I'm heading to Madrid and Greece with my boyfriend and I am so excited for Madrid as I love a good city break that has sunshine too and of course... Sephora!! Greece is a luxury affair, staying in a gorgeous hotel by the beach and were going deluxe so that will be amazing. However, I still have a few weeks over summer of doing nothing so I need to make plans or I may do some volunteering or something. But it means I'll have time for blogging again, yay!

What are you guys doing over summer and what kind of posts would you like to see?

Lots Of Love,


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