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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Laura Mercier Lip Lovin'

My lovely boyfriend treated me to a Laura Mercier Mini Lip gloss collection for Valentines Day and I was super excited to try them. I have had their mineral powder foundation before but have never really delved into their range of products. I always see their products on blog and they're so beautiful and seem right down my street but they're just so pricey! This lip gloss collection is perfect as they're mini so are perfect for travelling and I never use a full lip gloss tube anyway. I gotta say the packaging aint the only good thing about these, the actual product is lush.

The colours are gorgeous and so pigmented so lets go through them:
Pink Spark is a light pink with some shimmer running through and is perfect for a natural lip. I love pairing this with a smoky eye.

Azalea is a purple toned pink without shimmer. It is quite vibrant and more 'in your face' than you would think. I tried pairing this with a smoky eye but I didn't particularly like it as it was slightly OTT. This is good if you're going for a statement lip but you're scared of vibrant lipsticks.

BonBon is a coral shade and goes great with a smoky eye. It's similar to Pink Spark but with a slight coral vibe and without shimmer.

Poppy is a gorgeous deep red gloss. When I'm going for a red lip, I usually go for a lip stain or a bold lipstick however I've actually really been enjoying wearing this throughout the day when I just have mascara on my eyes. It's quite a natural way to wear red lips but is still vibrant and just adds something lovely to your make up!

So there we have my little review of these gorgeous Laura Mercier lip glosses. My sister picked me a few bits up from the US so I'm going to do a little American beauty haul & review which actually includes a Laura Mercier product, so subscribe on bloglovin if you'd like to be notified about that!

 Have you got any of these shades & what Laura Mercier products would you recommend?




  1. Darling, it’s such a great post! Thank you for this!
    By the way, I’m in love with your blog!

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. Love the look of all of these shades, especially pink spark. You have a good boyfriend!!
    Kirsty x



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