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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentines Day Gifts for Guys and Gals


Jewellery - Pictured above is a gorgeous bangle from Swarvoski and a Tiffany Necklace. These are some of the brands that I personally think are gorgeous but if you're on a cheaper budget, any necklace from a jewellers like HSamuel would be lovely & getting it engraved would make it extra special.

Chocolate - I think this is particularly good if you've just started going out together/dating and it's that area where you don't know whether to get them something. These are gorgeous heart chocolates from Hotel Chocolat but obviously there's cheaper brands - Guylian and Cadbury etc are all on offer at the moment!

Spa Break - Usually quite expensive but if you look on websites like Virgin Experience Days, you can find something pretty good. I found a spa day with afternoon tea for 2 for £39 - orginally £79 and has 5 star reviews - amazing! Here's the link!

Make-Up - I'm pretty sure 95% of gals love make-up but especially for those beauty addicts in your lift, this is a great gift. A Chanel lipstick would be appreciated as a special makeup item by anyone and is around the £25 mark. I also think a blush may be good as the colours dont vary TOO much so you can't go TOO wrong. YSL is a luxurious brand which is pretty good for a lovely present.

Candles - Depending on the type of gal you're with, they may like a candle. (Maybe even men too!) I really want a Jo Malone candle but at £40 I can't bring myself to pick one up. It makes for a very luxurious gift though.


Play station/Xbox Games - This is what I got my boyfriend because basically he asked for it. Not very romantic but I doubt he will care if he has a Playstation or Xbox that he loves. You'll probably get extra girlfriend points, just make sure he doesn't neglect you for his PS4 haha!

Alcohol - I put vodka here as both me and my boyfriend are students. However if the man in your life is a tad classier (haha!), a nice bottle of gin, brandy or whisky may be a good shout. You can get special oriental beers that may be a good idea for a unique gift.

Cook a meal/Take him out for meal - Sometimes buying a guy a present can be very difficult I find. Last year, me and my boyfriend had only been going out a few months so I took him out for a nice meal. We went to Las Iguanas and we fully enjoyed it - they had a live band, it was very authentic. It was funny because the waiter gave the card machine to my boyfriend as he shyly pointed at me...

Mug/Camera lense cup - If it's unique, funny or personalised; a mug is always a winner. I found this one on IWOOT (I Want One Of Those .com). It's quite cool and especially if he likes photography!

Lingerie - OK so lingerie would be awesome to get for your girlfriend but I know a girl who actually bought her boyfriend some lingerie as part of his present which I thought was quite funny!

Grow Your Own Male Stripper - Because I think I'm hilarious; this is what I got for my boyfriend alongside the PS4 game. Bit of a silly gift but after all, valentines day is a commercial con so why not laugh about it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some last minute ideas! I strongly believe that Valentines Day is a marketing technique and you don't have to show your affection and go out for a meal just because it's the 14th of February. However it IS fun to get involved and buying a nice gift for your girlfriend/boyfriend would make them smile, so if you have the money why not!



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