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Thursday, 8 January 2015

What I Learnt In 2014

Collage of 2014 L-R: Uni, Spanish Paella, Winter Wonderland, Corrie Tour, Amsterdam, Spain, Drunk in London, Cocktails at uni, Alpaca farm.

2014 was an exciting year for me as I started going out with my boyfriend in January and we've had a great year together going to Amsterdam and Spain. I went to Gran Canaria with my family too which was an amazing holiday. I had my ups and downs as you do and I learnt a lot of life lessons so here we go:

Do not get stressed out about little things. I used to, and still occasionally do, walk around really fast whilst doing everyday tasks even when there's absolutely no need to rush. I'd get stressed out if something doesn't work the first time and shout. I've really tried to hold back, be more patient and not get stressed out about minor things.  

Becoming distant from friends is OK.
As I've gone to university, I've drifted away from many of my school friends who I even went on holiday with. The thing is, many are still close and I kind of just feel really out of it all when I come back home in the holidays. I'd say I don't bother with them and they don't bother with me. I've learnt to realise that everyone moves on and you're rarely still good friends with school friends when you're about 40. I have my uni friends that I'm sure I'll still be friends with after uni and don't get me wrong, I still speak to some people from home. 

You will get a lot of rejections. After applying for numerous internships in finance, HR etc in big companies, I have received a lot of rejections. I'm studying a Mathematics degree at a Russell Group university and have work experience highlighting my skills. Yet I still cannot manage to get past the first application stage in most cases and when I have, I've failed the situational judgement tests. They are multiple choice and very ambiguous but I realise I'm clearly just not right for the roles. I believe that everything happens for a reason and if it is meant to be, it will happen. 

Trusting relationships are the best. Being in a good loving relationship where you 100% trust the other person is one of the best things ever. I'm very happy at the moment and have learnt that trusting someone makes it so much better.

My future is not restricted. This is important for me especially career wise. I can do whatever I want in the future and I don't have to follow specific career paths that people would expect me to. I love blogging about beauty and I also love doing Mathematics so I have a wide variety of options available to me.




  1. Love this post! These are all such great things to learn and understand! Have a great new year!

    Kaci xo |


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