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Friday, 16 January 2015

My Lipstick Collection | alicekatex

If you know me, you would know I'm an avid lip product fan. I love make-up but buying lipsticks is my one true weakness. I have lipsticks, lipglosses, lipstains and lipbalms etc but I'm going to show you my lipsticks in this blog post. I love nosying at people's makeup collections so I hope you enjoy!

I store my make-up in the wide acrylic drawers from Muji and 3 out of 8 drawers are taken up with lip products. But, of course, there still isn't enough room for my lipsticks so my main lipsticks have a place on the top in a lipstick holder I picked up from Amazon. If you search 'Acrylic Lipstick Holder' you're bound to find something similar.

First of all we have my MAC lipsticks...

Hue is a pinky nude lipstick with a hint of brown which is very popular with MAC lipstick lovers. It's a glaze finish so is pretty shiny and radiant looking. Coral Bliss is a coral shade which would be great to wear as an 'everyday' kinda lipstick as you could probably apply without a mirror. It's a creemsheen finish so it goes on really smoothly. Snob is is a unique pinky lavendar-esque shade which I feel is something Kylie Jenner would really love. It's a satin finish but is matte however doesn't dry the lips out at all! Rebel is a very autumnal shade - a dark purple that will probably look great on anyone. Impassioned is an amplified shade which means it goes on the lips very bright (the photo doesn't do it any justice). It's a hot pink shade that would look great on a night out.

My Revlon lipsticks...

I really love Revlon for their lipsticks and think they are very underrated. Pink In The Afternoon is a gorgeous pink shade which is the most wearable lipstick I own. Love That Red was purchased in the Factory Shop for around £2/3 about a year ago so isn't in store anymore. It's a beautiful classic red but not quite sure why it's a 'creme' as it feels very matte to me. Black Cherry is similar to MAC's Rebel and has been spoke about in the blogosphere for a while. It's the same kind of dark purple vampy lipstick that everyday knows and loves to wear in Autumn. Wild Orchid is a new purchase as I was looking for a more deep pink purple kind of shade. It's a pearl finish which you can see from the photo. I probably prefer looking at it in the bullet rather than on my lips though but we'll see once I've had a play around with it.

Here we have a Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick, my first one in the range, in Hot Plum. The photos are doing the lipsticks justice mostly but for this lipstick that is definitely not the case. It is a lot deeper in person. It's a deep light purple with a hint of pink which I'm excited to experiment with. Maxfactor's Mulberry is a berry shade which I almost forgot I had. Finally is my Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in Parfait which is a natural shine on the lips. It doesn't really give much colour but adds a nice shimmer to the lips and looks pretty in my handbag!

We then delve into my drawer...

Here I have a Jemma Kidd 'Hi Shine Glosstick' which I also found in the Factory Shop. It's a lovely pink shade called 'Hibiscus' that goes on the lips pretty vividly. I basically bought this for the cool packaging - if you click the top down it pops up! Secondly, I have my only Topshop lipstick in 'Infrared' - an orange toned red which is beautiful in Summer! I also have the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick which doesn't actually have a name but 110 is basically a classic matte red shade. I've seen it raved about but I think it can be quite drying on the lips. I have a Clinique lipstick here but not really sure if beauty is the shade as I got it in one of those free gift sets when you buy 2 Clinique lipsticks. Finally in this segment, we have a Barry M lipstick which I've had for a while and haven't worn for a long time! It's a very bright pink that I haven't been brave enough to sport.

The first 2 of these lipsticks are by ELF in Sociable and Flirtatious. One is a hot pink and the other is a light pink. I also have 3 lipsticks from MUA; 2 of which are by One Direction. Quite cringey but they're actually pretty good! They have creamy formulas and go on the lips really easily. I always forget about this one when I want to go for a red lip but it's actually a really good one. I need to go for the MUA ones a bit more and they're so cheap so you can't go wrong!

Lastly are some lipsticks by Natural Collection. These lipsticks are £1 - it's ridiculous! They're creamy and moisturising and have a lovely range of shades. Yes, they don't last very long but not many do unless you use a stain.

The rest of the drawer is filled with random lip liners, lip bullets, lip stains and other lip products you couldn't class as a lip gloss or lip balm. I absolutely love my Smashbox lip stain as it's a perfect red and is a pen followed by a color seal balm, so the colour stays on for ages!

Hope you enjoyed! Are any of these your favourites?



  1. what a great collection! pink in the afternoon by revlon is one of my favourite of all time. i never heard of coral bliss by mac, might have to look for that one as i love anything coral x

  2. Loved all of them! Great collection! Keep it up ;D



  3. I love how well loved your MAC lipsticks are, I swear it's so hard for me to actually go through a lipstick xx

    Want to support each other on GFC?

    Blog With Laura | My Blog

    1. Haha thanks, they're definitely my most used! As you can see, Hue and Impassioned are very well loved! Sure xx

  4. Ooooo your little collection is gorgeous. I love the Mac lipsticks you've chosen. Like Laura said above, I find it so hard too - I've never gone through one as of yet but that may change one day!

    Shannon at

    1. Thankyou! Haha I've gone through one lipstick when I was younger and my collection - a gorgeous nude from Rimmel that isn't there anymore :( xx

  5. Great shades! I love snob from Mac!


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