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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Beat the January Blues | Pamper Yourself

As part of my 'Beat the January Blues' post, here is my blog post on pampering! Every girl loves a nice evening in, spending time to yourself and getting a nice looong bath. Here is where I choose what to put in my bath...

To relax in the bath, some sort of product is almost neccesary. Obviously, a Lush bath bomb would be a popular option and I'm not sure what the one photogrpahed is called but it smells incredible!
The night I took the photos I used my Himalayan Detox Bath Salts. Priced at £37, they aim to be a sort of 'natural valium' as they aim to beat insomnia which I sometimes struggle with when important occasions come around (exams etc). So far they've definitely worked in the fact they have made me feel so relaxed and at peace, but we'll have to see if they help the night before my exam haha! They suck all the radiation out of your body that you may get from phones and laptops in order to free your body of toxins. They're very pricey but I recommend you give them a go for ultimate relaxation hence ultimate beating the January blues!

Whether you're in the bath or not, a candle is holy grail. I love candles by The Body Shop as they do some very nice fruity scents. If you're more into winter, clean or woody scents then I know Jo Malone, Diptique and Yankee Candle are popular options. I got gifted these for Christmas and my birthday so I have these to hand and their essential oils really help me relax. If you're more of a shower girl, then Loccitane's Shower Oil is a really good one as it's extremely luxurious and moisturising. I like to pop abit of this in my bath without bubbles just to make the water a bit more creamy, I guess. It smells like almonds and loveliness and is brilliant for those with dry skin.

I love using my REN cleanser but I feel like a cleansing balm can feel more relaxing and luxurious. I have this one by Boots Botanics which is pretty natural and feels nice on your face. I would say it leaves more of a residue than my other cleansers though so make sure you wipe it off properly, especially if you're an oily skinned gal like myself.

Once I've got out of the bath, I like to moisturise. I am IN LOVE with The Body Shop's body butters - they are my all time faves! I got this body sorbet for Christmas and it's very cooling so some may find relaxing and some may prefer to use in Summer as a sort of aftersun/moisturiser. This post looks like it's sponsored by The Body Shop but it's actually not! I just love their products as they're so lovely and natural, yet not ridiculously priced.

I then pop on my pj's - these are so soft and are from Primark! I got a couple of sets recently alongside the long bottoms and shorts in matching prints and they're soooo comfortable it's ridiculous. I like to read a book and I'm currently (albeit slowly) reading Paper Towns By John Green; the author who wrote The Fault In Our Stars. I still haven't read that book but really need to! I also like to sit and write in my journal as it's very self reflecting and I will enjoy reading it back this time next year I'm sure.

So there we have a pamper session that I do to relax and to help me beat the January Blues. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below :)




  1. great post - the shower oil sounds great! x

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