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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Jemma Kidd back for £3?!

Hiya everyone, hope you're all well! I've being very busy this week moving into my new university house so haven't being able to focus on blogging for a few days. However, back at home I stumbled amongst the make-up section in The Factory Shop (naturally, of course) and found new stock that was from the brand Jemma Kidd. I know she ended her make-up lines a couple of years ago now much to the dismay of many 'Light as air foundation' fans. This foundation was widely praised in the blogging community so I was intrigued to try some of her other products and who could say no when they're all £3?

Mineral Skin Nourishing Tint SPF 20: This is a tinted moisturiser with a lovely light/medium coverage. It's coverage isn't too light which I like but not too heavy either. It's a lovely texture and makes my skin look lovely and glowy! It's definitely on the glowy side and not matte at all. I like to add abit of my Rimmel Stay Matte powder in the places that I don't want to be super glowy.

Hi-Shine Hydrating Gloss stick SPF 15: The packaging of this lipstick is so unique. You press it down and it pops up which was sadly the main selling point for me. The colour is quite a nice pink shade but there was a few shades to choose from.

I doubt I'll be seeing the light as air foundation any time soon but thought I'd give all you make-up addicts a heads up if you wanna pick up some cheap Jemma Kidd make-up! Have you tried any of these products before?


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Coronation Street: The Tour

Having being a big fan of the good ole' british soap Coronation Street, I was ecstatic when I saw that you could tour the old set at Granada studios. The Corrie actors have moved to Media City in Manchester so the old set in Salford is available to explore until the start of October. I realise only Corrie fans will appreciate these photos or people that have watched the show, but thought I'd post about it regardless as it's my favourite TV show and I was loving life!

There's me outside the Rovers, street cars and Roys Rolls. This last pic is where Tina's (Michelle Keegan) flat was and I'm being quite strange pretending to be her. I wish!

Have any of you guys being onto any film/tv series sets? It's really strange!


Saturday, 13 September 2014

TOP 5: Free Apps

I absolutely love my iPhone and I often find new apps that I love and can spend hours on. The grat thing is, most of them are free! From Social media to educational things, there is an app for almost anything! I thought I'd share my top with you so that you too can find an app that you maybe don't have and would like. 

Instagram - Now everyone knows about this app I'm sure but it's definitely my most used app. I love flicking through endless photos of peoples days whether it be my friends, bloggers or celebrities.

Peak - This is an app I recently discovered which is a brain training app - much like Lumosity. I have Lumosity but the free version doesn't have as many games as Peak. It's a really well designed app and is aesthetically pleasing as well as obviously, making your brain better! I've loved brain training games ever since I was young playing brain training on my Nintendo DS haha! I'm a geek really and love to think I'm getting smarter!

Trains Live - This is a pretty boring one but it comes in handy so much. I'm constantly hopping on and off trains visiting my friends at their universities, visiting home from my university and in the holidays going down south to visit my boyfriend. It tells you all the trains you must get on your journey and what platform to get on/off atwhich is really handy when you don't have much time in between trains. It also tells you about delays and cancellations and you can plan journeys in advance to see the overall journey time. I think the app is ran by East Coast trains which are my fave as they're really lovely even in standard class. I sound like such a train nerd! Although I think it's very handy for bloggers who are travelling a lot for meetings and blogger events too!

Kardashian - The Kim Kardashian game!! I am obsessed with this game where you basically start by working in a shop and Kim comes in and you work your way up from an E list to an A list celebrity!.I'm pretty sure you can't be a celebrity that quickly but it's a bit of fun and I love doing the different challenges and travelling to the different places. It's very easy to work but has got amazing graphics. Once you're an A list celebrity it is quite repetitive but I still find it fun to play on and go on it every single day!

Candy Crush - I'm sure many of you know about this game but it's SO addictive! I'm sure I've had this for about 2 years and I'm on level 341. I do have a life, I promise. It's something to do when you're on a journey or something but can be frustrating when you can't get past a level (341 I'm looking at you!)

So there we have it, my top 5 apps of the moment! I obviously have all the Social media goodness: Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat,Twitter and Youtube. I use them a lot and LOVE them but the post would be pretty boring if I just put in the obvious that everyone already knows about. I hope someone found this post possibly useful and found a new app that they will love as much I do!

Lots Of Love,


Monday, 8 September 2014

Duty free made me do it...

In my opinion the most exciting part of the airport is the shopping! A few quid off soon turns into a brilliant excuse to buy everything you've ever wanted. I love the beauty section the most, of course, however this year I tamed myself and only bought two things despite having the experience 6 times (Amsterdam, Spain & Gran Canaria!) I still managed to grab two beauties onto the plane with me which I have used lots since!

L'Occitane Shower Oil - This stuff is amazing! The smell of this is amazing and the feeling of your skin after putting this on makes up for the pretty high price. I think I bought it for around £12 but it's normally around the £18 mark which is quite steep. I would recommend it for use on holiday if you've had a day baking in the sun, as it moisturises your skin so well and it stopped me from peeling!

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in ‘Parfait’ – This was kind of an impulse buy because I didn’t actually own a Chanel lipstick before this! The packaging is gorgeous and the colour is so natural and beautiful. It’s very sheer so sometimes I wonder if it was worth the price tag but it’s one I can wear on special occasions, especially when I’m wearing a dramatic smokey eye. It’s got some shimmer in it but yet it’s a ‘your lips but better’ colour. I got this for around £20 but it’s normally around £25; not a huge saving but a great excuse to add one to my collection and since it's so versatile and wearable, I'm glad I bought it!

What have you guys bought from duty free recently? I'd love to know. 


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Sexism & Feminisim: Thoughts?

Now, I know this blog is mainly focused on the material things in life: make-up, skincare and clothes but I am a person with feelings, and in fact, very strong beliefs.  I would call myself a feminist: someone (may it be a man or woman) who believes in equal rights for women. I do however hate the negative stereotype associated with this word whether it be ‘manhater’, ‘lesbian’ etc . I am in no way either of those: I have a boyfriend and lots of male friends. The 2 reasons I think people believe this nonsense: they’re told feminists are man haters or they just want to ignore that there is a real sexism problem in the world because they don’t care about it and we, who are trying to fight it, need to quite frankly sit down and shut up. I’d love to know your thoughts on the situation as I’ve not really seen a post like this on the beauty blogosphere and I think it’d be great to raise awareness on the issue!

Double Standards
This is something that really grinds on my gears! So, a man can get around and have sex with as many people as he wants and no one will say anything; and if they do it will most likely be that he's a ‘player’ or  a ‘legend’ which are seen as positive things in these ‘lad’ terms. However, if a woman does the same she will be seen as a ‘slut’ or a ‘whore’. HOW DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE? In my opinion, if you want to get around because YOU enjoy it, then do it. (As long as you’re being safe and all that jazz.) Stop branding women as if they are men’s property who mustn’t have too many owners!

Sexual Objectification
Admittedly, many women bring this on themselves by posing on page 3 or in ‘mens magazines’. Pop music is also full of half-clad women prancing around the stage in what may be mistaken as a bra and thong.There’s been a loss of respect when it comes to admiring women, shifting towards describing us as objects, rather than people. A large portion of today’s men are momentarily allured by big chests, thigh gaps, bronzed skin and false eyelashes. But what about women that don’t want to indulge in the male fantasy? It’s not real; it’s an illusion thats been forcing women to conform to unhealthy habits for too long. It’s time men realize that women have more to offer than just a body!

Victim Blaming & Sex Crimes (Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo ‘Scandal’)

My main motivation for writing this post was due to the leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and after seeing comments online totally sexualising her; I decided I needed to vent! This is not a scandal... it’s a sex crime. Someone stole her private images and displayed them onto the internet; exploiting her body for the pleasure of some creepy wankers (quite literally). She has done absolutely nothing wrong by having these images on her phone, however the person who has stole them and exploited her have and that needs to be realised by everyone! It is not JLaw’s responsibility to protect her property from theft by not creating this sort of material any more than it’s any woman’s responsibility to dress a certain way, travel in groups or whatever it takes to lessen the chance that someone will sexually assault you! Society too easily blames the victim in so many situations: ‘Well she shouldn’t have being wearing that short skirt’ or ‘Why didn’t s/he just leave him/her?’ It’s not on the victim to take enough measures to protect themselves, but rather on the victimizer to choose not to commit the crime!

We are in the 21st century now and women are no longer owned by men to cook, clean and have sex with them. We are successful and independent and even though we have come a long way in the last century, there is still a way to go in terms of sexual objectification and exploitation. Some women say 'yes but it doesn't affect me' and I say: look at how women in the Middle East/Asia are treated. Female infanticide, women having to cover up in the heat of the sun and being stoned to death for adultery whilst males get off scot free with 20 wives by their side. We need to be supporting all the ladies out there and I'm sure a lot of us have being whistled at or had some boy in a club come up and inappropriately touch you.

I know this post has being a lot different to the usual blogging material, but what do you guys think of the situation? Let me know in the comments below!!
Lots Of Love, 
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