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Friday, 29 August 2014

Mini Homeware Haul [Primark]

The 2nd year of university is just round the corner and in a few weeks I shall be moving into a house instead of the halls I lived in last year. The house has potential to be quite nice but at the moment it’s quite cold and empty. I visited it the other day and knew instantly where I would put things in my new room. I have a walk in wardrobe and a lot of drawers so there is plenty of space for all my clothes, toiletries and make-up (most important, of course.) As I’m going to be living there for at least a year, I need to make it feel as homely as possible so I am on a serious hunt for bits and bobs to decorate the place. I also picked up some hangers and a white photo frame (not that exciting) in Wilko the other day but they’re currently sat in the new house so I haven’t got them here to show you. However, Primark do some fantastic homeware bits so I headed there yesterday and picked up a few things that I will transform into a ‘mini homeware haul’ on my blog. If you have any recommendations on shops/places to buy some homey-esque items, please do comment below!!

Heart Decoration | £2: There are lots of picture hooks around the room which I want to cover up with nice things. I’m going to put a canvas up and some pictures but I thought this would be nice to hang on one of hooks or maybe even on my door handle or something.

Pink Photo Frame | £3: I like how thick this frame is and I love the shade of pink! I will probably put this on my window sill or by my bedside with a photo of me and my boyfriend or my friends.
Love air freshener | £1: I think this looks really cute and smells gorgeous. I’ll probably hang this in my walk in wardrobe as it smells quite old at the moment. Lots of candles round the room will also do the trick!
Fairy Lights | £3: I think fairy lights brighten up any room and will look great wrapped round my bed. I really like these ones and I thought the price was amazing!
Let me know of great places to go shopping for homely bits.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Wishlist #2 | Fashion

1: Dungarees | Topshop | £38 | Link

2: Fake fur coat | H&M | £34.99 | Link

3: White Jeans | River Island | £40 | Link

4: Platform Strappy Heels | BooHoo | £25 | Link

5: Pointed Court Shoes | BooHoo  | £20 | Link

6: Dogtooth Rucksack | BooHoo  | £18  | Link

Despite the fact the student loan isn’t in yet, I’ve being trolling online websites lusting over clothes. I really love Summer but buying new clothes for Autumn/Winter is always so exciting! I need a rucksack for uni and some going out shoes. I’m also lusting over a faux fur jacket for winter to keep me snuggly! 

What’s on your autumn/winter fashion wishlist??



Thursday, 21 August 2014

12 Days In Gran Canaria

As you may know, I've just got back from a relaxing holiday in Gran Canaria with my family. I went to a 5 star all-inclusive resort on the south of the island and had a great 12 days of eating, drinking, sunbathing and exploring. The hotel was amazing; the food, the pools and the sea view. The weather was always amazing and hot and I rarely saw a fluff of cloud in the sky! I thought I’d share some photos from my stay; mostly of the resort really as I’ll be posting an ‘outfits of the holiday’ post soon. If you’re interested I stayed at the H10 Playa Meloneras Palace.

The sofa sunbeds with a seaview!

The lobby

Looking OVERLY brown. I don't look this brown in real life!

The spa 
Went to Aqualand!

Synchronised swimming show!

I feel like a lot of my posts recently are lifestyle orientated but I’ve being very busy and rarely at home so haven’t had access to my full beauty and make-up stash. Once I’m back at uni, beauty posts will become more regular... what kind of posts would you like to see?



Friday, 15 August 2014

The Cheap & Simple Maxi Dress Every Girl Needs In Their Life

Hey everyone! If you read my blog regularly, you'll know that I'm currently in Gran Canaria. I brought quite a lot of clothes with me but this is one of my favorite pieces as it's so versatile. I wore it on an evening with my wedges but it could also be paired with flop flops and hair up in a bun for a more laid back look. It's £7.99 from Missguided which is an amazing price. I like how it shows a bit of your back too which adds a lil something. - Link here.

I will be posting more regularly when I get back from my hols so please let me know; 
What posts would you like to see?

Lots Of Love,



Monday, 11 August 2014

Whats in my handbag: Holiday/Travelling edition

Whilst you're reading this, I'll be on holiday which is very exciting! This time, I'm jetting off with my family staying in what looks like an amazing hotel so Ill write a post about that I'm sure. I thought I'd share with you what essentials are in my hand luggage; a 'What's in my bag' travel edition if you like. 

A book: I always like something to read on the plane because otherwise I'm so bored (unless there's a TV of course). I also pick up a magazine or two in the airport to read and these also come in handy when chilling by the pool or on the beach when I'm actually there. I might pick up a Sudoku book too as I really enjoy doing those (I'm a maths student, c'mon) and they'll pass the time! I've been reading Divergent for ages and just keep forgetting about it so hopefully I'll finish it on this holiday and then I can see the film!

: Obviously, we all need the headphones when on any sort of journey. I plan on listening to my Spotify playlists from my phone when up in the air. Note to self: get all the songs & playlists synced.
Phone: I like to have my phone with me at all times so this is obviously going to be featured. Candy crush is a good shout if you're bored on the plane.
Passport: No commentary required, hehe.

Money: Whether it's duty free buys or some food on the plane, I always need cash!

Hairbrush: I am constantly switching between hair-up and hair-down so this is an essential for me. Hair bobbles and hair grips (bobby pins) are also essentials in my handbag.

Sunglasses: When I reach my destination, these are great to have if it's a little bright.

Travel Sickness Pills: Unfortunately I get travel sick, so these are brilliant. They make me a little drowsy so it's good to relax on the plane but I'm always so tired when I reach my destination. It's totally worth it though as I used to be sick for the whole flight and now I'm absolutely fine. I use the brand 'Sturegon'.

Beauty bits: I always need hand gel and hand cream as you don't know what nasty germs are about. I always need lip products as my lips dry out incredibly easily. When it's hot, the Caudalie beauty elixir cools you down instantly. I also like to have a concealer and some moisturiser on hand, as the plane dries my skin out and the concealer brightens up my tired travelling look!

I like to pick up a massive bottle of water at the airport as it's very important to keep hydrated on the plane. I also pick up some magazines at the airport to read on the aeroplane as well as when I'm on holiday. My bag is from New Look if anyone was wondering and I absolutely love it!
What are your handbag essentials when travelling?


Thursday, 7 August 2014

KIKO Nail Lacquer: Unexpected Results!

Now, I would probably never blog about a single nail polish and rave about it but this one was too good and I had to mention it! KIKO is a brand I've never tried but since their new store appeared in Leeds, I peeked in to have a look at some of their products. I picked up their nail polish remover which I have not yet tried, as well as this nail lacquer in a gorgeous pale pink colour. The colour is '376'; it's a bit of a shame that they don't have actual names but then again I guess it doesn't really matter. 

Usually after 1 or 2 days my nail polish has chipped, whereas with this one it was perfectly intact. I didn't even use a base coat and top coat, so I can imagine it'd probably last over a week if I did! I think the colour is perfect for summer as it's a pale girly pink. In the photo, it doesn't look too great on my nails as it's been on around 5 days and it looks a lot brighter in real life! I highly recommend Kiko polishes to anyone. They have so many different ranges and this was only a cheap range at £2.50 so who knows what the more professional ranges are like. 

I'm definitely going to be picking up a few more bits from Kiko when I'm next in the city centre. I saw Pixiwoo blog about their 3D plumping lip glosses which look like something I'd like to try as well as their big chunky eyeliners in all sorts of funky shades. I was shocked at how cheap the brand is; definitely a high street brand. Their brushes are quite expensive though, but I'm intrigued to see if the prices match the quality. 

Have you tried any Kiko products?! If so, what do you recommend?

Lots Of Love,



Monday, 4 August 2014

The Holiday Essentials

So, I've already been on holiday this Summer but I'm going again, this time with my family. I'm so excited to get back in the glorious sunshine chilling on the beach and dipping in the pool to cool down (apologies if you're not going away this summer!) As I've already been away, I've got a good idea of what I'm actually going to use so this time I won't be taking too much stuff. Lets get started!

Travel Essentials: Passport, Headphones, Sickness tablets, Hand cream & Lip Balm
Obviously if you're going abroad you're going to need a passport and if you get travel sick then tablets are a must-have. I like to listen to music on flights as it's something to do especially when there's no TV so ones like these are really good as they cover your whole ears to block out aeroplane sounds! I like to keep my lips and hands nourished on flights as planes can really dry them out and make them feel horrible. This is all hand luggage essentials and I'll be doing a 'What's in my travel handbag' post soon so look out for that.

A bikini (or ten!)
I’m absolutely obsessed with my new bikini from Victoria Secret. It’s a bright pink colour with some coral bits on and I love the bandeau style. Most of my bikinis are that style as I don’t have the biggest chest size, haha. I love how the bottoms go in the middle at the back to make your bum look better! I took 5 bikinis to Spain which appeared to be a perfect number for 12 days. I have loads more but I know I won’t wear them so there’s no point in taking them all.

Denim Shorts
I have a couple of pairs of denim shorts to take with me and I love them as they’re so versatile. I wear them over my bikini in the daytime and with a nice top and some sandals for the evening.

Hair Products
Obviously you need a hydrating shampoo as the sun will dry your hair out. I quite like this one by Herbal essences but I’m also a fan of Aussie ones and L’Oreal Elvive. I also think you need a hydrating mask for your hair for the same reason. I love this protein masque from Bumble & Bumble but admittedly, I didn’t use it enough in Spain. I also have my heat protectant spray by Percy & Reed which I use before blow drying. I’m also going to make a conscious effort to apply it to my hair in the morning before stepping out into the sunshine.

Beach Essentials: Sunglasses, A hat,  Sun cream & A book
My sunglasses are from Topshop and I love this style but they don't really block out the sun that much. I have a few more pairs that do it better so I will also be taking those. I love my floppy hat that protects my head and my face. I have recently done a post on SPF here which you can read but I love Piz Buin for my body and La Roche Posay for my face. I love to read a book on the beach and by the pool and I need to finish Divergent; I've being reading it for ages!!

This playsuit from Matalan is great for popping on over my bikini, so that would be another holiday essential for me. I also like a good beach cover up; I’ll be taking a couple of those. I also love some good statement jewellery pieces for the evening. My necklace is from H&M and not sure where the triangular earrings are from, but I wouldn’t wear them together. I also have my beloved Origins Ginzing moisturiser here for the evening and razor blades for obvious reasons. I have the Venus & Olay razor as you don’t need to use shaving gel with it due to the Olay soap bars. No shaving gel = saving precious suitcase space.. genius.

What are your holiday essentials? Leave them in the comments below!

Lots Of Love

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