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Thursday, 31 July 2014

A Trip To Spain

Hey everyone, hope you're all well!
I've spent the last 12 days in Spain chilling amongst the Spanish countryside yet very close to the sea. I stayed near a place called Moraira which is a lovely town on the east coast of Spain and had a great time relaxing by the pool and having amazing 3 course meals in traditional Spanish restaurants. I took a few snaps; mainly of food and the surrounding area so I thought I’d share some of them on my little corner of the internet. I’m also going away again in about a weeks time so be prepared for some holiday prep type posts! Meanwhile, enjoy this post and warning: long and picture heavy!

A trip to the market

Scooting round on the childrens race course like the child I am
We took out a pedalo. I love pedalos when going on a summer holiday!
Amazing view from the restaurant!
Cute little kittens near the restaurant!

The Montgo
Climbing on the rocks

The Marina

We went to so many amazing restaurants and had my fair share of gorgeous 3 course meals. I took plenty of snaps of all my meals so decided to put them in a lil' collage.

Lunch on the balcony

I hope you liked this post and had an insight into my trip to Spain! 

Lots Of Love,


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Jenny's Guest Post | 5 Minute Face

Hey everyone, I'm Jenny from Jennys Everyday Life and the lovely Alice asked me to guest post whilst she's off on holiday  :)  I've a bad habit of rambling on my own posts so I'm trying to keep this a quick one sort of. This post comes in useful those mornings when you oversleep and have a whole five minutes before needing to rush out the door. Whilst living in uni accommodation I practically perfected this routine and I thought I'd share it with you lovely people - no one wants to wake up earlier than necessary after all!

1. Concealer. This is usually a necessity in the morning, no one likes eye bags and potentially looking like a zombie. My concealer of choice is usually the Rimmel Wake Me Up as it has a really nice coverage, gives a slight shimmer and as the name suggests makes me look a little more alive awake. For blemishes the Collection concealer is a must, both take less than a minute to apply and sometimes if I'm really in a rush I'll skip the foundation and just use this and powder - the coverage is that good! 

2. Foundation. This step is optional, as I said if you're a whiz at applying your foundation or don't feel 100% happy not wearing just concealer (we all have bad skin days) then this foundation is great. Its a really good coverage and similarly to the Wake Me Up concealer this has shimmer particles which give the illusion that you're much more awake than you really are!

3. Powder. If you have oily skin or just like using powder to set your face this can be a life saver. It makes your makeup stay in place all day, perfect if you know you’re going to be out of the house a while and takes less than 30 seconds to apply. 

4. Blush. Blush can make all the difference to your makeup look, it makes you appear fresh faced and creates a glow livening up your face. My favourite at the minute is the MUA mosaic blush as it works as both a blush and highlighter in one, perfect for when you have little to no time to spare! 

5. Mascara. A must in the mornings! I think if I was really in a rush I could forgo all of the above bar concealer and just wear mascara – there’s not many occasions that I go over the door without it. A good mascara can really make your eyes pop and the Maybelline Falsies is my drugstore holy grail - giving both volume and length. 

6. Lips. I'm not really a lip balm kind of person, more of a lipstick gal and the Revlon Colourburst Matte crayon in Sultry is perfect for those rushed mornings. With one swipe you're good to go, the pigmentation is superb and I know it'll last all day, plus I absolutely love the colour - its like a nude but better! 

    I hope this comes in handy next time you're in a rush in the mornings and if you really are a whiz you can always add in eyeliner and bronzer etc. I'd also like to thank Alice again for having me, I really enjoyed this :) 
Thanks for reading, Jenny xo  

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Lovely Prose Guest Post | The Summer Base

Its fair to say that with the warmer weather comes a dramatic change in the daily makeup rotation; full winter coverage is discarded in favour of a sheer base, glowing tan and rosy cheeks. For when summer does pop round there are a few makeup staples I always keep handy to brighten up the complexion while still keeping everything skin-like and fuss-free.

When youre sweating your way through the majority of the day, a primer is a necessary step in the makeup routine. bareMinerals Prime Time, although a little on the expensive side, works a charm at prepping the skin while ensuring everything is left looking pristine by the end of the day. For a lightweight and breathable base, the Eau De Teint offering by Loreal is a good un; a quick shake of the bottle and smooth over the skin will provide sheer (but buildable) coverage that still evens out most redness and imperfections. To sort any blemishes or dark circles peeking through, the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer will cover just about anything you throw its way without appearing too heavy or overdone.

Its become somewhat of a cult product and for good reason - Rimmels Stay Matte powder sets your face while remaining invisible on the skin. For those of us with a porcelain complexion that fails to tan or if you just need to oomph up the summer glow youve already got (Im very jealous if you do), a bronzer is essential. Rimmels Natural Bronzer in Sun Bronze can be used as both a contour for the cheeks or as an all-over tanner that never appears too orange or fake. The tiny shimmer particles it holds are virtually undetectable on the skin however manage to add a summer-appropriate glow to the complexion. To finish things up with a slight flush on the cheeks is the Sleek Blush in Rose Gold. The golden undertones flatter most - if not all - skin tones while adding a natural pop of colour that instantly perks up the face.

What are your summer makeup essentials? 

Link to Becca's lovely blog here.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Porcelain Shree Guest Post | 5 Beauty Essentials Every Woman Should Have

Hi all! I’m Shree from PorcelainShree and I’ll be guest posting today on behalf of Alice while she’s away on holiday! I believe that there are beauty items that every woman should have. Everyone’s list may be different, but today I’m going to list off my five essentials that I think should be in every women's bathroom and makeup storage, and I think that you’ll agree with me as well ;) 

1) Your “To Go To” Face Mask - This is the face mask that you are constantly reaching for after a long stressful week or after many straight nights at the bar. For me, it’s the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. I use this at least once a week to clear pores and keep those hideous pimples at bay. 

2) That Flawless Foundation - You know which one I’m talkin’ about. The one that you’re addicted to, the one that you swear by and leaves your face looking impeccable. Yeah, that one. Or maybe, if you’re like me, you have many. Right now though, the one that I’m really loving is Bobbi Browns Skin Foundation. 

3) A Luxurious Shampoo/Conditioner Set - You know that shampoo and conditioner that makes you feel like you’re in a Garnier Fructis commercial? It makes your hair feel so silky smooth and you wonder how you could have ever have lived this long without it? We all have them, am I right ladies? My lust after hair duo is the Bumble & Bumble BB Creme De Coco set which is made from coconut, Murumuru butter, and milk thistle. Need I say more? 

4) A Wake Me Up Concealer - Right. So you’ve been up late the last few nights trying to finish your midterm paper and now you have very noticeable (and not very attractive) dark circles under your eyes. No biggie, just grab that Holy Grail concealer, dap a little on, and now who can really tell? I’ve been bouncing through a lot of concealers lately but my favorite has to be NARS’ Radiant Creamy Concealer. 

5) A Pretty Pretty Nail Polish - I feel like every woman has that one nail polish that makes them feel instantly sexy as they apply it, making them reach for it time and time again. I’m a pinks girl and I haven’t been able to stay away from Essie’s Fiji since I purchased it long ago. It just looks so perfect and immaculate on my hands, completely transforming my short little Gollum nails, making me at its mercy many a time. 

And there you have it! My list of must have beauty essentials for every woman. What five must haves are on your list? Also, for more ramblings and such, check out my blog here! Thanks for having me, Alice!

Friday, 11 July 2014

SPF Round Up | My Favourites

I've always being very concious about applying SPF during the summer, however I believe a little UV won't hurt and I think SPF 50 during winter can be a little O.T.T. I like to apply SPF15 when out and about in the UK but on holiday, I start with SPF 30. I used to think that suncream was a horrible white sticky mess that was a pain to apply but have since then discovered products that make applying it a much more pleasant experience. I don't always apply it to my face (don't judge!) as the sun always cleared up my spots in the days of acne and suncream merely irritated my skin but I now have a product that is lovely on the skin so I shall be applying it every day on holiday this year!  SPF can be incorporated into your make-up for an every day basis but chances are when you're on holiday you won't be wearing much of that so here's my SPF round up...

Piz Biun Sun Spray SPF 15 / £5-15 / Link - This is what I like to apply when sunbathing in the garden or after a few days on holiday when I'm already tanned. It's non greasy & non sticky (as the bottle indicates) and is a spray bottle which I LOVE. Gone are the days where I had to pour suncream on my hands and make them all sticky before applying to my body... ew. It's a light spray that gives me protection yet lets me get a tan. I love it so much I've now got the SPF 30 too. May I add that in Boots and some other places you can pay up to £15 for this. If you have a home bargains or bodycare near you, head in there as it's only £5!

La Roche Posay Matte Extreme Fluid SPF 30 / £13-16 / Link - I absolutely love this for my face! It's super light and is made specifically for oily & combination skin. It feels like it's keeping my skin hydrated but not at all oily. It doesn't feel like sunscreen but gives a pleasant spf 30 protection.

M&S Face & Body Lotion SPF 30 / £9.50 (Now £4.75) / Link- I only use this on my body but as it's fragrance free & hypoallergenic, it could also be used on your face. I love how it's waterproof and isn't too sticky either. It gives a great protection for my whole body on those first few pale days on holiday! *bad times*

Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun / £3-7 / Link - Whether you've burnt slightly or not, after sun is a must have! It calms the skin and moisturises which holds your tan longer! I love this one from garnier as it's quite light and has a lovely cooling effect. You don't need no expensive after sun; anything with aloe vera will do the trick perfectly!

A lot of lip products nowadays have spf in them so I'd just recommend choosing one your favourites! Here are two lip products containing spf that I wanted to discuss. Before entering the whole beauty community, I never thought that your everyday lipbalm would contain the spf you needed in the sun; take the Pout Polish from Sleek. Therefore I used to slap on Nivea's Sun Protect SPF 30 balm on whenever under the rays. However, it is ridiculously thick and white and makes my lips look ridiculous. It's a thick spf for the sun that will, yes, give me amazing protection but when there's everyday balms that make you look normal AND protect your lips sufficiently, well it's a no brainer really. Note: I bought this ages ago so they may have reformulated it now as the packaging looks different.

What are your favourite suncreens and lip products for sun protection?

Lots Of Love,


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mini Golf Fun!

Last week I headed to a shopping outlet to pick up some body butter and discovered a really fun-looking Mini Golf course in the middle of it! I absolutely love Mini Golf and it was a lovely day so I took some pics. I'm really into writing lifestyle-type blog posts at the moment as I've got lots going on and like to bring my camera everywhere with me, so here we are!

Surrounded by water, it's really well decorated and set out. The contours of the land for each hole is so well thought out and with 18 holes, it wasn't just a 5 second job!

Half way through the course, there's a platform you have to pull towards you by a rope and then jump on and pull yourself to the other side of the water. It's a rather cool little edge to a typical mini golf site! It was quite hilarious at the time as I didn't hold on and nearly fell over. Woops.

I was clearly wearing the appropriate attire, haha!

White Dress / Missguided / Link
Shoes: Primark
Belt: Not Sure
Sunglasses: Topshop

Do you like these kind of posts?

Lots Of Love,


Friday, 4 July 2014

REVIEW | Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturiser

I'm quite glad at how these photos have turned out baring in mind I took them on an iPhone. I left my camera at my boyfriends (I'm so silly and forgetful!) so cannot get it back until a week on Saturday. Luckily I've got some posts and photos lined up and I'm sticking to the schedule of blogging every few days! Moving onto the point of the post; you may have seen in one of my recent posts that I picked this up at Bicester Village

I've seen lotsa good reviews on this stuff and have always been eager to try it. I love Origins as a brand and am a big fan of their Make a Difference + Rejuvenating Treatment and was using it as a moisturiser. I now switch between that and this product to gain a balance between moisturising the skin fully and treating it. I LOVE the smell of this product; it's a sweet orangey scent and my boyf even said he loved the smell of it. It moisturises my skin perfectly and is in no way greasy! It's a gorgeous texture and I just love everything about it. It claims to be energy boosting and I do think since using it that my skin has being more radiant. I recommend to anyone that has oily/combination skin and wants a good moisture to hydrate without making you greasy or spotty.

You can get it at for around £23 here. I really want to try out the Ginzing Eye Cream next!! Have you tried this?


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Wishlist #1 | Beauty Bits

1 - Essie Nail Polish in 'Sunday Funday' / £7.99 / Link. A 'tangerine coral crush shimmer' sounds perfect for summer and something I'd very much like to be on my nails whilst I'm chillin on my jolly hols. It looks to be a gorgeous colour as I'm such a sucker for anything coral.

2 - Clinique High Impact Mascara / £16.50 / Link. I tried this back in the day as a sample in one of those free gift sets they give you when you buy 2 Clinique products. It did amazing things but I just never purchased it as it's quite expensive. However now it's all hyped up and lots of people seem to love it, I want it again! It really gave me amazing big lashes without clumps and it's something I really want to get my hands on in the near future.

3 - Bare Minerals Prime Time BB Primer Cream / £23 / Link. Again, another products hyped up by the blogosphere. It sounds like an interesting product and I'm a sucker for any sort of primer claiming to smooth my skin over before foundation. Bare Minerals is a brand I've always been a fan of too so I reckon this may be featured in a 'recent purchases' post very soon.

4 - L'Oreal Studio Line #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray / £3.79 / Link. Claimed to be a waaaay cheaper version of the Oribe Texturising Spray (ridiculously hyped and expensive), this has made it's way round the beauty community as being a miracle worker for flat hair like mine. I love anything that will help give a bit of volume without making my hair look like a bees nest (backcombing - no thankyou). It's such a good price and with the reviews it's getting, I need this in my shopping basket ASAP.

5 - Clinique Cheek Pop Blusher / £16.50 / Link. Despite being a hoarder of beauty products, I don't actually own too many blushes. I kind of neglect it from my make-up routine despite it being one of the first products to be ever introduced into the make-up world. These blushes look sooo beautiful especially 'Peach Pop'.

6 - Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Butter / £10 / Link. This range looks like it'll smell amazing, great marketing Soap & Glory, but it probably will as all their products do. I apply body butter to my feet every morning and night so I love a good smelling moisturising body butter or two. I'm still in love with the endless scents from The Body Shop but this one is slightly cheaper than theirs and will smell and feel just as incredible I'm sure.

7 - Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain / Link. This product will be coming to Boots in the UK in August. After reading a few blog posts saying that this 'isn't just another lip stain', once again the blogging community came together and made me think I need it. I love how the different colours are named after different big cities and they're all so stunning. 

Have you tried any of these products?

Lots Of Love

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