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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The No Make-Up Selfie

If you haven't seen the no make-up selfie going around the internet, where have you been?!
Many people have been posting a picture online of themselves baring a naked face to raise awareness for cancer, particularly breast cancer. I think it's a brilliant cause but at first I thought it was a load of old cobbles. After reading it had already raised £1 million, I did it myself, as well as donating twice. I am really pleased with the celebrity participation, however many of them ARE actually wearing make-up. We're so used to them having tonnes of slap on due to being on TV etc, so when they just put a small amount on, we are all fooled. Why use make-up and instagram filters and soft lighting? Just be happy and confident with your make-up-less self!!

As a make-up and beauty addict, I know how easy it is to fake a beautifying natural look with make-up, which will look like 'no make-up' to many naive males and probably some females. If I were to cheat, I would use eye shadow on my brows, a bit of eye liner in the tight line and a thin line on top, highlighter and mascara. (and soft lighting). This seems to be the case with a lot of these selfies. The point of a 'no make-up selfie' is NO MAKEUP. AT ALL.

Here's me baring all sat by natural light coming from the window with nothing on at all.

If you want to support this amazing cause text 'BEAT' to 70007 to donate £3. Every donation counts!! 

Here are some celeb contributions:

I'm sorry but Rosie Huntington Whitely does NOT look like this without makeup on. She has mascara and bronzer on alongside a ridiculous lighting filter. Stop making us all feel like sh*t girrrrrrl.

It's no secret that Cheryl Cole is extremely beautiful so why does she need eyebrows, mascara, eye liner and probably some sort of skin product on? We saw you with no make-up when you were on Pop Idol and you were still beaut!

Fearne Cotton knows know to do it properly! Naturally beaut as we all knew!

Helen Flanagan's body is amazing and her face is so pretty but this lighting is a bit silly and very obvious. 

Michelle Keegan is my girl crush but those eyebrows are so obvious. She's recently been to Dubai so is naturally very tanned in this, but the mascara and eyeliner are too obvious gurrrrrrl.

I know I sound a bit picky, but it really annoys me when we go barefaced and people cheat. It gives such a false impression. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, fair enough. You can do your bit (probably more so) by actually donating :)
...and if you decide to do the whole selfie thing yourself, scrub your slap off and feel confident: don't cheat yourself!

What do you all think to this whole selfie business? I'd love to know!

Lots of Love,




  1. You are very brave putting your no make up selfie on your blog, I left mine for the social media! Totes agree with your comments about MK, but at least she did it and donated :)

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  2. Aw I know haha I could have at least tanned my face!
    Yes that's very true :)

  3. I guess some celebs are still uncomfortable with the notion of going completely bare-faced on social media. Some of them are very obviously wearing makeup in the photos as you point out!


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