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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Primark Workout Gear!

I've never being a big fan of exercising and despite going to the gym last year for a few months, recently I have been very slobby and as a result have felt slobby too. So I decided it's time to get my butt in gear!! I can't really afford a gym membership, however there are plenty of places to run where I currently live and youtube videos go a long way! 'Blogilates' is definitely my favourite as she does so many exercises to tone your abs, bum, arms and legs using pilates where no equipment is needed. She also does some cardio but it's fun dance cardio so I never feel like I'm really working out! She also has videos about eating clean and lots of those recipes are on her website, it's worth a look. I also recommend checking out the app 'Pump Up'. It creates workouts for you depending on your goals and your size.

So with my new workout gear from Primark (so cheap and so good!) I go ahead and squat and plank in my bedroom where noone can see my ridiculous expressions as my abs become on fire! 

I got the grey with bright yellow lining sports bra for around £4 and it looks really nice underneath another top or just on its own. I like pairing it under to bluey/lilac top I bought which has quick dry technology for those of you who sweat quite a bit during exercise! My favourite bit of the outfit has to be the cropped tight yoga pants which are sooooooo comfortable and reaally get me in the mood for exercising. I think these were £6 which is flipping amazing if you consider in sports shops where they reach the £30 mark. I really feel like these are good quality too. Finally I bought some trainers, again only £6, and these are nice just for doing exercise classes of pilates in my room. I don't think they would be great for running long distances but I have some real brand trainers for that.

Overall, I'm super happy with the Primark workout gear and allows those who cannot afford sports gear usually, to be able to get some and get them motivated to exercise! I'd love to know: Do any of you guys run or are you into exercise? What form of exercise should I try?

Lots of Love,




  1. I love the blue top it is really cute, I really love your blog
    Harriet xxx

  2. Hello, great blog you have. Do you want to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin? Let me know what you think.

    xx Monica
    Makeup And London

    1. Thanks :) I don't do follow for follow, if I like someone's I will follow them and I hope you will do the same, hehe.

  3. Posts like this make me want to go and exercise, but it will never happen haha. Pretty work out gear is a good motivation though!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Haha it motivated me for a couple of weeks then it kind of went down the drain!
      alicekatex ♥

  4. Definitely going to need to pick up some things from Primark now. Love your blog xx

  5. Hey!! Such awesome workout attire. Want to have similar one for my sister and myself as we will soon join gym. Have seen a store that is giving stylish workout clothes on best price. Will surely purchase few pairs from there.


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