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Monday, 3 March 2014

10 Beauty Mistakes I Used To Make

Hiya everyone,
In the prime of my teenage years, I made many mistakes when it came to looking good. The '10 beauty mistakes I used to make' tag is one I have been wanting to do for a while to share the embarassing things I did back in the day. Here are the 10 mistakes I made. Be sure to do this tag.. I tag whoever reads this!

- Strip my skin of all oil
As a teen that struggled with acne and very oily skin, I used to buy lots of oil free skincare and products that completely dried my face out. I laid in bed at night feeling like I couldn't move my face thinking that it would be benefitting my spots. However, as I have learnt, drying the skin out makes the oil glands produce more oil and sebum therefore making the skin oilier and spottier. Mmmm.

- Take antibiotics for spots
I will never understand why doctors give antibiotics out like sweets to those suffering with acne. They're not strong enough to get rid of the acne and are just damaging your tummy! Stay away from the antibiotics guys and just have a good diet and skincare routine and plenty of patience :)
- Dying my hair almost yellow
Home dyes aren't always the best for making your hair lighter at the timid age of 13. I had blonde hair when I was younger but as I have got older, it's got to a mousy colour. I have red undertones in my hair so putting on a blonde dye made my hair go ginger-ish. My friend then kept putting more dyes on to try and correct this, but it just got more yellow. If only I just went to the hairdressers sooner!
- Brush wet hair
People say you're not supposed to brush wet hair with a brush. I have a Michael Mercier brush now which is like a tangle teaser so I hope that's not too damaging. My hair gets super knotty and I need to brush it before I dry it! I should maybe brush it before I get in the shower though...
- Over treating spots
This kind of relates to the one before when I over dried my skin. I find now that leaving spots is a lot easier than trying to pick/squeeze/treat them. To be fair, I never squeezed my spots and that has helped a lot.
- Not using conditioner
I used to just shampoo my hair and be done. I realise that brittle ends were the result of this. I now use either an intensive conditioner or a hair mask. 
- Not using a base coat under my nail varnish
My nails went a dodgy colour, yes. And when I used yellow nail polishes.... Oh dear!

- Not cleaning my make-up brushes
I'm talking months and months worth of foundation in one brush. I get such a satisfaction out of washing my foundation buffing brush now as soooo much make-up and bacteria comes out and it really shows you the importance of washing them!

- Put MAC concealer over my face
This is probably my biggest sin? Not actually sure what it looked like but I can imagine my skin would look severely clogged. It was MAC's Select Cover Up and instead of covering up blemishes and spots, I just spread it all over my face. In all fairness, my face was covered in blemishes but I think an all over foundation would've looked better.

- Having a full thick cake face
After the concealer face stage, I got a little more sensible and moved on to Estee Lauder's Double Wear. This stuff is great for special occasions but when you're wearing it every day in probably the wrong shade, it looks quite grim. If only I went a bit more au natural on the face make-up. I blame acne and insecurities for this one but nevertheless it was a big beauty mistake!

I'd love to hear your beauty mistakes of the past, I find these posts hilarious!

Lots of Love,



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