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Friday, 22 November 2013

Origins Moisturise and Be Merry Gift Set

Origins 'Moisturise and be merry' gift set - £40

One question I ask myself is: Why have I never tried Origins before?

After being very kindly gifted the Origins 'Moisturise and Be Merry' gift set, this question became apparent as it is AMAZING. As you can see, you get the full size of the Make A Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Treatment which is amazing seen as it's about £30 on it's own. You also get the rejuvenating treatment lotion as well as the cleansing milk and even a 15ml sample of the serum!
I have heard so many good things not only about Origins as a brand in itself, but in particular with the Rejuvenating treatment. I believe this is a moisturiser and it applies so nicely. It is light in texture and hasn't broke me out.. WIN.

I have being doing a skincare routine involving this whereby I use the cleanser to remove the rest of my make-up (after I've used the L'Oreal Micellar Water). I then use the serum followed by the Rejuvenation treatment which acts as a moisturiser. Never in my life have I woke up with skin so soft and I could still feel the moisture on my face that I put on the night before! This isn't a problem at all as it feels extremely light, but I was genuinely shocked at how that happened when I'd had a 9 hour sleep. When anyone ever said the word 'moisture' I'd almost run a mile because of my oily skin type but this didn't make it greasy or oily at all; just moisturised! The thing that surprises me is that you can have oily dehydrated skin. I feel that these beauties in this set moisturises my skin to the point where I've noticed less oil being produced throughout the day on my face!

As you can see I am truly besotted by these new skincare goodies and would love to try some more things from Origins, preferably an eye cream. 

Anything you guys would recommend from Origins?

Lots of Love,



Saturday, 16 November 2013

Molecule 01 Perfume

A little late on the bandwagon, yes. But is this the best perfume ever? Definitely, yes.

I got bought this as a present from my sister for my 19th birthday as I kept mentioning it and how much I wanted it. The fact that one molecule makes it smell unique on each individual person fascinates me. I saw so many bloggers say how much they got complimented when wearing it and now I understand why! Some say it enhances your natural smell but I feel like with me, it's still a perfume but not a specific floral, fruity or woody smell; it's just a smell. Fragrances are definitely the hardest things to blog about as there is no smell-o-vision, but all I can say is that you can't really smell it on yourself too much but other people just think you generally smell lovely! A reason to purchase, right?!

It was about £30 for this 30ml bottle which can be purchased on AMAZON. I believe if you live near London, it is available in LIBERTY. You can purchase this on CULT BEAUTY too. Not sure about Liberty but Amazon and Cult Beauty do both 30ml and 100ml sizes.

Has anyone else tried this?

Lots of Love,


                    P.S: Has anyone realised the photo quality is better? I have a new camera, yay!

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