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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

One Direction Make-Up?!

"One Direction Make-Up?!" was my first reaction when I heard that MUA were coming out with new products featuring the hottest boy band around: One Direction. I have no doubt that Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis had zilch input into the products as most 19 year old lads I know have absolutely no knowledge on anything make-up related! But that doesn't matter because girls will be all over this shiz! MUA is so cheap so those younger directioners and even students will be able to afford it. I find that the collection is actually really good quality, as are all of MUA's products! Now I'm not going to lie, I do like One Direction and went to their concert at Sheffield Arena! It was a really good show and we had great seats on the floor with a lovely view of Niall as he came over on the platform ;)

Moving on to the products themselves...

'I want Liam', 'Moments Niall' & 'Niall loves cherry'

'I want Liam', 'Moments Niall' & 'Niall loves Cherry'

I picked up two 'Kiss You' lipsticks and a 'Kiss You' lip tint. Due to the fact that Niall is my favourite, I bought the 'Moments Niall' lipstick as well as the 'Niall loves cherry' lip polish. (I'm a sucker for gimmicks!) I also got the 'I want Liam' lipstick because it's a gorgeous slightly orange toned red. I have being wearing 'Moments Niall' every single day as it such an everyday wearable pink shade with a slight shimmer. It's perfect for summer and is lovely and moisturising in formula; as are all the lipsticks in the collection. These are priced at £3.

As for the 'Niall loves cherry' lip polish, it is so moisturising and gives a nice dark pink cherry shine to the lips. They are very similar to MAC's lip conditioners and Sleeks Pout polishes; extremely moisturising with a  transparent colour but at a £2.50 price tag!

They also offer 'What Makes You Beautiful' cheek tints and 'Little things' nail polishes which I did not purchase. To be honest, none of the nail polish colours stood out to me but I would be interested in trying a cheek tint. Overall, I think the One Direction make-up is good quality and isn't tacky like I expected it to be! If you can get over the possible embarrassment of taking this to the till if you're over the age of 16, then I recommend you pick some of it up! I have no shame in wapping out my Niall lipstick on the train!
(If you'd prefer, you can browse/purchase online here).

Let me know what you think on this and if you love One Direction like I do!



  1. I recently reviewed this too, i am obsessed with niall's lipstick, its solo good and im not even a 1D fan haha!

    Gonna have to stock up on it incase they discontinue it.

    Love Em x

    1. Haha ye it's good even if you're not a fan!
      Oh, I hope they don't discontinue!!x

    2. would love to try the lipstick.Unluckily we don´t have them in Germany :(

      xx G

  2. Great post, never would have thought to try this makeup!

  3. The I want Liam lipstick looks a lovely colour!
    I can't decide if I want to buy any of it or not :\
    I did just buy a few bits from MUA though and have bought a lot of new things lately so should probably wait a while to buy anything new!
    Thanks for popping by my blog :D

  4. this lipstick is so cute! Love it! Love the color <3

    Check out my blog! If you like it follow me and I will follow you back <3


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