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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Alpha H Skincare Bestsellers Duo [Good Deal]

If you haven't heard of the skincare brand 'Alpha H' before then, who are you and where have you been?! The brand gets raved about amongst the finest skincare blogs so I've wanted to get some of their products  for a while, but the hefty price tag always stopped me and made me think 'I will next month'. When I saw the Bestsellers Duo on Beauty Expert I knew that I should just go for it. The infamous Liquid Gold is usually £31.50 alone, but this duo is the same price with the benefit of a 200ml balancing cleanser! Both products have being mentioned by Ruth ( who I profoundly trust when it comes to anything beauty related.

Liquid Gold is a chemical exfoliant that aims to renew skin cells which helps with skin problems ranging from acne to ageing. One swipe on a cotton pad twice a week is said to make a huge difference to the skin as it removes all your dead skin cells and such. I am definitely excited to see if this makes a change.

The balancing cleanser is lovely and gentle yet effectively removes both eye and face make-up. I rub this into a damp face and remove with a warm cloth. It's so gentle and quick, without harming your skin or the nasty ingredients. Definitely recommend this one!

Here are both products standing proudly on my desk amongst my favourite everyday products! Just head over to the Beauty Expert website if you would like to get this great offer. It's particularly good for those of you who, like me, have never tried any Alpha H products before.

Has anyone tried the liquid gold and what do you think of it? Let me know if it's made a difference to your skin....


Monday, 19 August 2013

I ♥ Summer TAG

1.) Favourite Bronzer?
I only bought the the Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder this summer after months (or years) of hype about it and it's being the only bronzer I've worn since. Gives a night bronzed look (even with my tan) without being too shimmery. There's no noticeable glitter so it's relatively matte and I can put it all over my face without looking silly.

2.) Favourite Summer Lip Product?
If you read this blog often or know me well, you'll know lip products are my weaknesses in life. Therefore I have cheated and sneaked 3 different ones in. I love the Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti as it's a nice wash of a red-orange coral; it's easy to apply without a mirror and is easy if you're on the go. Secondly, I chose the Clarins Lip Perfecter in 02. It's the perfect peachy pink colour and quite frankly the best lipgloss I have ever tried. It is high quality, as you'd expect for the price, and isn't sticky in the slightest. Last but not least is MUA's power pout in Brokenhearted. It is a nice glossy wash of red and isn't too bold so can be worn on a day to day basis.

3.) Pool or the Beach?
I do love them both but if I had to choose one, it'd probably be the beach. Some beaches I have been to in my life have being exceptionally beautiful (Mexico, Cuba...) therefore the perfect place for relaxation. The pool can be quite loud but I love the fact that you can cool down almost instantly.

4.) Must-have Styling Product?
I dry my hair every time I wash it so I try to spare using any more heat on my hair than I need to. The Charles Worthington Salt Spray gives my hair a nice tousled texture: a simple spray in the lengths of my hair and a scrunch of the hand makes for a very quick and easy hairstyle.

5.) Sunbathing Or Fake Tan?
I don't know why but I've never being one for using fake tan. I just can't be bothered with it and I find it messy. In the summer I always get a golden tan which I love having! But when winter comes around, I still won't be slapping on the St Tropez I'm afraid... I'm not naturally uber pale anyway so I just leave my skin return to it's natural colour.

6.) Favourite Summer Drink?
This summer whilst being on my holidays I've being loving the cocktail 'Sex On The Beach'. On the other hand, you can't beat a good pint of ice water on a hot summers day.

7.) Summer Nail Polish
I love to wear Essie's 'Fiji'. A gorgeous pale, almost white, pink shade.

8.) Any Summer Traditions?
Every summer me, my sister, my mum and dad go on a family holiday. We like the Caribbean as well as Spain and Egypt etc. I went to Mexico this year and think we are going to Gran Canaria next year with my other family.. exciting!
Other than that we have regular BBQ's..mmmmm.

9.) Summer Scent?
I love the Marc Jacob's 'Oh Lola' as the bottle is super summery and the scent is lovely and light.

10.) Favourite BBQ Food?
My favourite food on the BBQ is beef burgers. I love to put salad and mayo in it, it's seriously one of my favourite foods of all time.

11.) Best Summer Proof Product?
I bought Urban Decay's De Slick Setting Spray in my July Favourites post. I bought the travel size on the plane to Mexico and I think it is amazing for keeping make-up on. Before this, during the summertime, my face would be a lot more shiny and my make-up would slide off like there's no tomorrow.

12.) Any Summer Plans?
Summer is pretty much over and done with *sigh* but it has been a good one! I visited Mexico with my family and went on such a fun holiday to Magaluf in Mallorca with my friends. I got the results I needed for university and now I have that to look forward to!

Hope you liked this tag and I'm aware it's a little late but better late than never! We still have a month's worth of summer left I reckon so I tag all of you to do it if you haven't already and leave a comment down below with a link to your post.


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

One Direction Make-Up?!

"One Direction Make-Up?!" was my first reaction when I heard that MUA were coming out with new products featuring the hottest boy band around: One Direction. I have no doubt that Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis had zilch input into the products as most 19 year old lads I know have absolutely no knowledge on anything make-up related! But that doesn't matter because girls will be all over this shiz! MUA is so cheap so those younger directioners and even students will be able to afford it. I find that the collection is actually really good quality, as are all of MUA's products! Now I'm not going to lie, I do like One Direction and went to their concert at Sheffield Arena! It was a really good show and we had great seats on the floor with a lovely view of Niall as he came over on the platform ;)

Moving on to the products themselves...

'I want Liam', 'Moments Niall' & 'Niall loves cherry'

'I want Liam', 'Moments Niall' & 'Niall loves Cherry'

I picked up two 'Kiss You' lipsticks and a 'Kiss You' lip tint. Due to the fact that Niall is my favourite, I bought the 'Moments Niall' lipstick as well as the 'Niall loves cherry' lip polish. (I'm a sucker for gimmicks!) I also got the 'I want Liam' lipstick because it's a gorgeous slightly orange toned red. I have being wearing 'Moments Niall' every single day as it such an everyday wearable pink shade with a slight shimmer. It's perfect for summer and is lovely and moisturising in formula; as are all the lipsticks in the collection. These are priced at £3.

As for the 'Niall loves cherry' lip polish, it is so moisturising and gives a nice dark pink cherry shine to the lips. They are very similar to MAC's lip conditioners and Sleeks Pout polishes; extremely moisturising with a  transparent colour but at a £2.50 price tag!

They also offer 'What Makes You Beautiful' cheek tints and 'Little things' nail polishes which I did not purchase. To be honest, none of the nail polish colours stood out to me but I would be interested in trying a cheek tint. Overall, I think the One Direction make-up is good quality and isn't tacky like I expected it to be! If you can get over the possible embarrassment of taking this to the till if you're over the age of 16, then I recommend you pick some of it up! I have no shame in wapping out my Niall lipstick on the train!
(If you'd prefer, you can browse/purchase online here).

Let me know what you think on this and if you love One Direction like I do!


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Experience Spa Day at Hollins Hall Spa in Yorkshire

I was very kindly contacted by Experience days who offered me a Marriott Pamper Day for two at the beautiful Hollins Hall Hotel in the North West Leeds Area, close to Shipley. Surrounded by Yorkshire's finest greenery, the hotel was lovely and quaint with a  spa of similar character.

Nail station, Steam Room, Pool Area x2, Sauna, Changing rooms hairdryer station

On Friday, me and my best friend Becky visited the spa, passing the lovely Yorkshire countryside on the way. After a rather crazy holiday in Magaluf (which I only got back from on the Monday) a day of pampering was exactly what I needed! Me and Becky were able to choose a 30 minute treatment each and have full use of the spa facilities for as long as we wished to stay. With a fully equipped gym, a swimming pool, a sauna and a steam room in addition to numerous treatment rooms and extensive changing and shower areas the spa was well equipped.
However, when we got there, we weren't sure where to go and we weren't really given much direction on how the day panned out. I read that we were supposed to be given fresh robes and slippers when we arrived, but this didn't happen. We finally made it to the treatments area and began to have our treatments. Becky went for the Decleor facial which she said was super relaxing and her face was so lovely and soft afterwards, so I suggest this would be great especially if you have a drier skin type. I had the gel manicure, which I absolutely adore and it's still sitting perfectly on my nails now with no chips! I opted for a gorgeous red-coral colour which complements my tan rather well (as also said by the lovely lady who did it). The staff doing our treatments were really friendly and chatty and did great jobs.

We then made our way to the changing rooms and got our towels then led ourselves to the pool area. Here, there was a nice pool area with a Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. After swimming a few lengths in the pool and having a nice soak in the Jacuzzi, we headed for the steam room. I hadn't been in a steam room before and initially found the heat quite overpowering but I was surprised at how quickly my body adapted to the temperature and in the end I found it quite a relaxing and an enjoyable experience and definitely something I would participate in again! Steam rooms are good for the skin as they open your pores and are also good for your sinuses so it definitely soothed the cough and cold troubles I seem to be having at the moment.
After a relaxing few hours we decided to head home. The staff at the spa couldn't have been friendlier and I had a great few hours. It was a nice time of relaxation and I now have lovely looking nails!
You can find out about the experience spa days they offer here and book your own day! There are 14 locations around the UK where the spas are located; from down south in London right up to Manchester. I'll definitely be using the Experience Days website again in the future, their Experiences are excellent priced and their service was brilliant. Even if you aren't in to spa days, there are all sorts of things you can book to experience. Booking the experience was very easy and they were very flexible on times and dates.
Let me know if you've ever done an experience day and what you thought of it!

Friday, 9 August 2013

July Beauty Favourites

Hi everyone, I know that this July Favourites is a little bit late as I only came back from Mallorca on the 5th of August. I haven't done a favourites post in a while and there were so many things I've loved this month, so I needed to do one! Lets get to it....

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder

Compare this to NARS Laguna if you will, but I can't say I have ever tried that so I can't comment! However, I truly love this bronzer and it has become my new favourite. It's great for contouring as well as dusting all over the face. You can get a few shades, but I think I have the darkest one as I have a tan at the moment and it still makes my face look brighter and more bronzed. LOVE IT!

MAC Blush in 'Harmony'

I love this paired with the Bourjois bronzer; put over it and in the contours of my cheekbones and sometimes dusted on the apples of my cheeks. It creates lovely defined cheekbones (that I most definitely don't have!) and is just perfecto. I wore this cheek combo every night on holiday and so it had to be one of my favourites.

Piz Buin SPF15 Spray

Not sure if I've mentioned I've being on holiday ( hahaha ;) ) but obviously sun cream is a must. I love how this spray isn't sticky or greasy one bit and doesn't have the typical sun cream smell. I love the smell, the consistency and it gave me a lovely golden tan. People perceive Piz Buin as expensive but you can get it in Bodycare for about £5 compared with the £15+ you'd pay in other places!! It is currently better than half price in Superdrug for around £7-8 if you don't live near a Bodycare. It's honestly the best sun cream I have ever used and I shall not revert to any other one for a long time.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick

I picked this up in the airport as I've swatched it on my hand so many times when entering Boots and Superdrug. It's such a gorgeous gold-beigy champagne colour and looks extremely pigmented when swatched. When blended on the lid, it isn't as pigmented at all but gives a nice wash of colour. It's great for a quick easy look where you just want a bit of something on the eyes but nothing dramatic.

Body Shop Mango Body Butter

The Body Shop are currently celebrating 21 years of their infamous body butter so as I was linking this post I found that they are currently half price at £6.50 which is incredible for their quality!! It's the best body butter I've tried: not too sticky and not too watery and has so many different 'flavours'.

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm

This is the most luxurious lip balm I own so it HAS to be in my favourites, right?! It smells like honey and just feels extremely nourishing on the lips. My lips have being receiving a lot of sun, hence dryness, so this has being a perfect product to sort that out.

Rescue Oil

This is a better and cheaper alternative to Bio Oil (in my opinion, of course). I saw this on 'MissBudgetBeauty' and she mentioned that Bio Oil contained Mineral Oil which shocked me as it's Quite expensive! (If you don't know why mineral oil is bad, it's a long story, Google it!) Rescue oil doesn't and is only £2.99 for a whole 150ml in Bodycare. You can also get it on amazon, which I have linked this product to, where it is approximately the same but with a delivery cost of course. I obviously don't have ageing skin at 18, but it can also be used as an aftersun. It's never too early to use oil on your skin as its extremely nourishing and helps stop those dreaded stretch marks and cellulite.

Urban Decay de slick Make-up Setting Spray (Travel size)

I bought this on the plane to Mexico thinking I was getting a good deal paying £10 but it's actually £9 in Debenhams... Oh. That aside, I have always wanted to try this out because I've heard so much about it and the words 'De Slick' and 'Oil free' sound perfect for my oily skin that melts make-up like there's no tomorrow. A few spritz over your makeu-up and you're good to go. All the partying in Magaluf and still my make-up was still almost perfect by the end of the night. I really think these things work!

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

My mum bought this and it irritated her eyes, so she gave it to me (yay!) I absolutely love it as it gives a nice natural coat and apparently helps your lashes grow naturally too. My mum has extremely sensitive eyes and said it hurt her eyes, so bare that in mind. However, for me, it was great and I recommend trying it out if you want a cheapish mascara. Nothing will beat L'Oreal's mascaras though!

L'Oreal Anti  Redness CC Cream

My final favourite is one that I have being using to replace foundation. This kind of adjusts to your skin tone but I wouldn't recommend for fair people. It transforms into foundation and the green in the product eliminates redness in the skin. It gives a gorgeous airbrush finish and is just the perfect base for me at the moment.

So there are my beauty favourites for the month of July. Link me to your July favourites posts and let me know if you also love/hate any of the products I mentioned!

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