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Wednesday, 3 July 2013


As you are reading this post, I am currently sunning myself on a hot beach in Mexico, so I scheduled a couple of posts for while I'm away. I thought I'd do a little review on this nail polish as I'm taking it away with me. Having seen the MUA polishes looking so alike to the Essie colours and bottles, I knew I wanted to try them to test if the consistency etc was the same. I picked up this lovely mint green pastel colour called 'Pistachio Icecream'...

 Despite the gorgeous colour, the consistency is OK - nothing too special. It didn't last very long on my nails either but to be fair I wasn't wearing a top coat! I wasn't expecting a wow factor from a polish that costs £1. However, f you are looking for a lovely colour to wear for perhaps one or two days and you are on a budget, I would buy these and shove a top coat on and you'll be ready to go! The colour range is lovely and obviously there aren't as many colours Essie have, but I don't think many brands do to be honest.

Random pics on the nails...

Have you tried any of these polishes and what do you think?!



  1. That colour is so cute, I have a top the exact same colour :) xx

  2. Ugghhhh, I know literally EVERYONE hates these comments but I would appreciate some support.

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  3. I love the prices of MUA but never bought a nail polish as they'd didn't seem too great, as what do you expect from the price? But I will definitely be buying some now. Any more colour suggestions?
    Lucy x

    1. To be fair, the quality isn't fab but I don't think Essie quality is much better so this better value for money I'd say! The pink shades are nice x

  4. I love this colour, I bought it the other day and then left it at my friends. I know I'm not getting it back! I think this is a similar consistency to Essie to be honest. I didn't use a base or top coat when I tried it so I'm intrigued to see if it will last longer than two days with a top coat applied :)


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