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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Again, another scheduled post whilst I'm away on holiday in Mexico. I love blush as it makes me look more instantly awake, but I hate the thought of spending lots of money on one when ones from Boots/Superdrug can be just as good. Here are some of my favourite budget blushes...

L-R: MUA Mosiac Blush in 'English Rose' - Sleek blush in 'Life's A Peach' - MAC blush in 'Harmony' - Natural Collection blushes in 'Peach Melba' and 'Rosey Glow'

N/C Peach Melba - N/C Rosey Glow - MUA Mosiac English Rose - Sleek Life's A Peach - Harmony from MAC 

MUA Mosiac Blush in 'English Rose' (£2.50) - This blush has a range of blush colours as well as highlighting colours within it, so it is a great multi-purpose product. I like using the darkest pink and the dusky rose pink colour for blush and popping the champagne and lilac colours as a highlight above. It is such great value and honestly is such a nice quality. I recommend to anyone on a budget.. as do I with most of these purchases

Sleek Blush in 'Life's A Peach' (£4.49) - This is a lovely blush if you don't want high pigmentation in your blush. It gives a bit of a peach colour which I think is nice as a natural summer look. These blushes are great for less than a fiver and you can also get packs of 3 blushes for £9.99 for an even better deal.

MAC's Harmony Blush (£17.50) - MAC prices are going up fast so when I bought this I'm sure it was only about £15, however I still think to a lot of people this wouldn't be classed as a budget product.. I have kinda cheated so sorry about that! I just really love this blush for both blush and contouring so if you want a blush and a contouring product, it may be better value just to buy this rather than buying both a contouring bronzer and a blush... that's my excuse ;). If you're starting out in make-up and want to buy your first MAC product, this could be a good one.

Natural Collection Blushes in 'Peach Melba' and 'Rosey Glow' (£1.99) - As you can see, my Peach Melba blush has a very big dint in it as I use it the most. The colour is gorgeous and the pigmentation is incredible for the price. Some say they find these blushes too chalky but I don't find the texture a problem at all... I love it! I don't use Rosey Glow much but, again, it's got the same texture I like and it's a lovely pink colour. I should definitely wear it more.

So here are my budget blushes. I'm interested in purchasing some blushes from NARS or Estee Lauder, but for the moment I'm happy with my cheaper ones and they do the job! Anyone have any recommendations for blushes they love? Let me know...



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