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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Summer Holiday/Vacation Haul

Everytime I go on my holidays, I feel I need to buy new shoes, new clothes, a new hat, a new beach bag, the list goes on! I've purchased quite a few holiday things for my trip to Mexico (then Mallorca!) - many of which I posted about in my 'Beach Essential's post but these are things I bought the other day when out shopping in Leeds.

I wanted a casual looking crop top to wear with a pair of denim shorts and a nice chain-like necklace and when I saw this one for a tenner in River Island, I knew I had to have it. It actually looks more neon and yellow (less green) in real life but I really love it, especially the colour!It goes nicely with this gold necklace that I bought from New Look for £6.99.

I repurchased my Essie polish in the colour 'fiji', which really shows how much I love it as I have never re-purchased a nail polish (I have too many to go through)! I absolutely adore this colour for summer, it's the perfect off-white pink colour and looks amazing with a tan.
Secondly beauty wise is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I like to spritz this on my face during the day to prevent my face becoming all sweaty from sunbathing. It feels amazing and I also like to take it on the plane with me for a bit of moisture to my face.

I also purchased some ear plugs. I wanted these for the plane journey (mainly for coming back as it is a night flight). I find it impossible to sleep if it is noisy, so hopefully these will do the trick as I just cannot sleep on planes! I will probably buy more of these for Magaluff as I believe it is noisy 24/7 there and I do need my sleep!!

I got this beach bag from Primark and it'll be perfect for chucking my towel and some books in to head down to the beach with. It was £4: I wanted something cheap because I probably won't use it again after this summer. 

Not the best picture of me, but here I am with my new floppy hat! Believe it or not I got this hat from 'Bon Marche'. Typically labelled as a 'granny' shop, I was shocked that I could find such a nice beach hat in there. My mum was looking and I tried it on and really liked how it looked. Definitely an essential to protect you from the sun and I love with these type of hats, you can adjust the front to create a shape that flatters your face!

May I call these the blogger sandals? I've seen people such as Lily Melrose and Barbara from The Persian Babe on YouTube with these and I absolutely love them. I think they're a bit different from your usual summer sandal and I love all the buckles on them. Can't wait to wear these on both my jolly hols!

Are any of you lot going on holiday this summer?!



  1. Magaluf is so much fun! Hope you have a lovely holiday! And the hat really suits you :) xoxo

    The perks of being a hipster

    1. Haha I hope I don't die, it looks mental! Aw thankyou, nice blog

  2. love your purchases, hope you have a great holiday :)

    leyla xx

  3. Ooh I LOVE those sandals! <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. Love the floppy shun hat! :)
    Hope you had a nice holiday!



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