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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Maybelline Forever Strong Pro

I've not really heard about these polishes on many blogs and I am really surprised as to why..
I love the idea of painting your nails whilst strengthening them too. I always feel guilty for constantly painting my nails thinking of how dry and in bad condition they may be getting.
These polishes contain Calcium, Iron and Silica in order to strengthen the nails and cost a wonderful £4.09.
I chose the clear colour and 'Orange Couture' (pictured below). 

Excuse the quite badly painted nails, as I was in a rush, but just to show you the colour...
When purchasing this, I thought it was more coral than it is actually is, but there's still some coral-ness, haha.
It's a red/orange coral but can look orange in some lights. 

The thing I absolutely love about this polish is not only the strengthening properties, but also the fact that one coat = completely opaque! No faffing around with applying coats and coats (cough, Essie, cough) The colour selection is excellent in the Superdrug I went to, there must've being over 20 colours available! Why I didn't get more, I'm not quite sure.

Recently, I have being picking up more nail polish (Don't I have enough?!) There will definitely be a blog post on that so watch out for that... and they're cheap as chips!
What polishes have you being loving?

Love Alice xx

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