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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Essie Nail Polish 'A Crewed Interest'

After the hype over Essie Nail polishes, I finally decided it was time to purchase one for myself.
I bought 'A crewed interest' from Beauty Bay for around £7.50, which I would say is between high street and high end.
I must admit this colour is a GORGEOUS peachy pink (looks more peach on the nails than it does in the bottle in this picture.) I received a few compliments on it and I gotta say this is my favourite colour nail polish that I own!

Despite the beautiful chic packaging, the actual product is soooo sheer and takes around 3 coats in order to be opaque! The brush is small, so I find it incredibly hard to apply and I find when I do apply it, it becomes thicker on some parts of the nail than others.

I'm not sure if this is the case with all Essie nail polishes and it may just be me and my very unskilled nail painting technique.

Tell me your favourite Essie polishes and if anyone else has this problem?!
Love Alice xx


  1. Yes, Essie have launched a diffusion line into Boots and Superdrug :) I've not tried to original ones but apparently the brushes in the new ones are much better :)
    From what I've heard a couple of Essie polishes are a bit funny but not all. Mint Candy Apple and Big Spender are both gorgeous colours and apply well enough :)

    1. Do you know how much they are?
      oOo yeah I like the look of them polishes too x

  2. I have the same problem with Essie natural looking nail colours. They look perfect in the bottle yet are so sheer and take so many coats! Also they streak. This is interesting though - I am always looking for a new peachy nude colour.

    I am no good at applying nail polish so don't know if it's me or the formula either! I'm trying out doing my own gel nails using Gelish - not going too badly...!

    Nice blog by the way :) love the shorts in your header pictures.

    1. hi, yeah, this experience i've had with the formula has really made me question the hype tbh.
      and thanks! haha yeah me too, their not actually mine though (I wish!) x


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