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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Maybelline Forever Strong Pro

I've not really heard about these polishes on many blogs and I am really surprised as to why..
I love the idea of painting your nails whilst strengthening them too. I always feel guilty for constantly painting my nails thinking of how dry and in bad condition they may be getting.
These polishes contain Calcium, Iron and Silica in order to strengthen the nails and cost a wonderful £4.09.
I chose the clear colour and 'Orange Couture' (pictured below). 

Excuse the quite badly painted nails, as I was in a rush, but just to show you the colour...
When purchasing this, I thought it was more coral than it is actually is, but there's still some coral-ness, haha.
It's a red/orange coral but can look orange in some lights. 

The thing I absolutely love about this polish is not only the strengthening properties, but also the fact that one coat = completely opaque! No faffing around with applying coats and coats (cough, Essie, cough) The colour selection is excellent in the Superdrug I went to, there must've being over 20 colours available! Why I didn't get more, I'm not quite sure.

Recently, I have being picking up more nail polish (Don't I have enough?!) There will definitely be a blog post on that so watch out for that... and they're cheap as chips!
What polishes have you being loving?

Love Alice xx

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Week In Photos

Never done this before, so thought it would be nice to instagram some pics and post them on my blog. I went to London this week, so most of the photos are from there.

Going to a party with my friends, Nandos with my sister (chicken wrap=heaven), On the train to London, Meal at Bella Italia in Leicester Square, I love Piccadilly Circus, Me and my sister in Piccadilly, Olympic Countdown Clock, Buckingham Palace, Squirrel in St James Park, Me mimicking the statue, The London Eye (didn't go on, as I've being on it before when I was younger), Downing Street, Guard and his horse (the horse sneezed which was quite funny), Tourists piled in a phonebox for a picture (haha), M&M's world is amazing, Me sat in Wetherspoons.


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Essie Nail Polish 'A Crewed Interest'

After the hype over Essie Nail polishes, I finally decided it was time to purchase one for myself.
I bought 'A crewed interest' from Beauty Bay for around £7.50, which I would say is between high street and high end.
I must admit this colour is a GORGEOUS peachy pink (looks more peach on the nails than it does in the bottle in this picture.) I received a few compliments on it and I gotta say this is my favourite colour nail polish that I own!

Despite the beautiful chic packaging, the actual product is soooo sheer and takes around 3 coats in order to be opaque! The brush is small, so I find it incredibly hard to apply and I find when I do apply it, it becomes thicker on some parts of the nail than others.

I'm not sure if this is the case with all Essie nail polishes and it may just be me and my very unskilled nail painting technique.

Tell me your favourite Essie polishes and if anyone else has this problem?!
Love Alice xx

Monday, 2 April 2012

Wishlist Of The Moment

I love reading these type of posts yet have never done one myself, so I thought now should be the time. I am lusting over everything I see these days and online window shopping is definitely my new hobby!

1 - I have recently being looking for a nice skirt to go with my black bandeau top for a night out or even just for a summer day. I prefer pleated skirts and have seen a couple on Asos and in Zara. However, whilst browsing Topshop, this definitely caught my eye and I am thinking of purchasing this when I go on my trip to London.
I love how it goes longer at the back and shorter at the front and the pleats add a bit of edge.

2 - Leather jackets seem to be everywhere at the moment and just look so nice! The one shown in the picture is £85 from Asos (I did say WISHlist!) Not sure if this purchase will happen, but I may hopefully find a nice cheaper alternative.

3 - I really want to splurge on some Ray Bans this summer due to the fact that I lost my favourite pair of sunglasses in Egypt, and all my other pairs, I'm not too keen on. I would love a really nice pair that I can look after and feel special when wearing. I'm loving the Wayfarer style and I think the tortoise shell print looks really cool. I have also being browsing other styles of Ray Ban but I shall have to see which style suits me more.

4 - I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of heels and today I found them in New Look (not the ones pictured above). They were unfortunately sold out in my size: not only in the shop I was in, but in all the New Look's in my region. I was so disappointed as they were gorgeous! Following an online browse, I came across these from which are quite gorgeous for nights out.

5 - Finally, following the Real Techniques trend, I have heard the hype about the 'buffing brush'. I really need a brush to apply my foundation and feel as if this brush would be perfect. Unfortunately, in order to get this brush, you need to purchase the 'Core Collection'. This is £21 and I'm just not sure if it is worth it.... PLEASE BRING OUT THIS BRUSH ON IT'S OWN!!

Tell me if there's anything you are particularly lusting over this spring? I'm feeling such a shopoholic at the moment, especially with going out clothes!
Love Alice
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