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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Best Body Butter Ever?!

Looking for a decent body butter or even an amazing one?
If you are, then you are definitely on the right post, as I feel the need to rave about this product: The Body Shop's Body Butter in Coconut. I mainly use it on my feet (obsession with moisturised feet, don't ask) but it is also used on other dry patches when needed.

I am aware some people are put off by the smell of coconut, however The Body Shop offer many different types - 'flavours' if you will - varying from Shea to Mango to Cocoa.

The texture isn't TOO thick, neither is it too runny. It smells incredible and makes my feet  feel so amazing afterwards: not sticky which is a major plus!

This product may be seen as pricey to some, but I go for the small one that is originally £6 however is included in the 3 for 2 deal they have on these and any other miniatures, so not too bad. Not too sure of the full size price but I think it's around the £15 mark.

I love The Body Shop's values and campaigns which are outlined here on their website. They range from protecting the environment to animal free testing, so definitely a good brand to buy from.

Overall, I love love love this body butter and highly recommend to all! 

Let me know your favourite body moisturisers - I may try and see if this product can be topped...

Love Alice xox

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Revlon Charming

I've being looking for a muted spring coloured nail varnishes recently, preferably a lilac or mint shade.
I've had my eye on Revlon Nail Enamel in 'Charming' for a while but didn't fancy spending £6.50 on a product that I already have lots of! (I am aware £6.50 doesn't break the bank but..)

However, when browsing through Boots and wanting to buy something in order to receive a No7 voucher, I decided to pick it up.
It's a gorgeous lilac pastel shade, perfect for the warmer months!

Once I had received my No7 voucher, I browsed the No7 counter debating whether to get  their fabulous Eye Make-Up Remover or one of their Eyelash Curlers.
But in the end, I decided to purchase their £7 Top Coat, which I then had to pay only £2 for and I'm soo glad I did. It finishes this polish off with a smooth texture and shall hopefully protect the enamel from chipping straight away.

Revlon are having an offer of 2 selected products for £10 at the moment (nail enamels included) so why not pick up 2?!
I'm really interested in getting 'Minted' or 'Pink Nude' so sort of annoyed that I didn't pick up another one in the deal...
Overall, a lovely shade and I hope you all try it out if this is your thing!

Have a nice lazy Sunday everyone!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Urban Outfitters Bargain + OOTD

I don't usually visit Urban Outfitters very often, due to my thoughts on the extortionate prices that they put on their items.
However, as I went in I realised that some prices are much alike Topshop and not half as expensive as places like 'All Saints'. Even though some prices in there can be unjustifiable, the sale is actually pretty good.

I purchased this top that was in the sale at £14. Student Discount = £12.60!
It's a different sort of thing to what I usually own, but I'm seeing this style of tshirt everywhere and the skull pattern makes it that bit more quirker. It seems to glow in the dark or even in darker lighting, just puttin' it out there... ;)

By face wasn't the prettiest thing when taking these pictures, hence why my head isn't included in these photossss.

Cropped but can be slightly tucked into higher waist jeans

Paired with my Topshop Leigh Jeans

Cardigan: Magenta
Slouch Bag: Primark

Anyone else got any nice bargains recently? 
Love Alice xx

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Lipstick Collection & Reviews

Hello Everyone,
So I fancied doing a post today and as I have being recently discovering my favourite lipsticks of all time, I thought it would be a perfect idea to do a post about them.
I have around 16 lipsticks in total which is a lot to some and not a lot to others (however this excludes the numerous lipglosses/stains/butters/care and my One lip pencil that I also own..)
I don't wear all 16 as 5 are random 'no brand' sorta thangssss and I'm just not attracted to wearing them, therefore this post will consist of only 11.

Photo's always look worse when put on here! :(
apologies xox


1- Flirtatious is the lighter shade of the two ELF lipsticksthat I own. They are pretty matte and last a decent time and are an incredible £1.50. Need I say more?!

2 - Hue by MAC is a very well known shade indeed and the lightest of these swatches. It is a fairly basic pink nude that gives your lips a bit of sheen. Great for beginners but debatable whether £13.50 is justifiable when it doesn't make much difference to your lip colour (well mine anyway.) It's a glaze finish, so not very pigmented.
However, I do really enjoy wearing this on a day-to-day basis and it requires minimal maintenance which is always a bonus..
- This Rimmel lipstick is by far the most used as has basically almost ran out. (Hard to do with a lipstick!) It's called 'Foxy' and is shade 102 from an old lipstick range that was in store years ago.. I got it a year ago from the Factory Shop (sells discontinued lines.) It's a pink nude but more pigmented than the Hue! I honestly think it's amazing and will be very sad when it comes to it's final use.

4 - Shade 7 by MUA is a creamy lipstick yet so pigmented. There are no actual names for these lipsticks which is pretty disappointing (picky? maybe..) but i feel as if there is no personal touch or thought put in here..
However, it's a lovely dark coral pink and at £1 it will hardly break the bank! 

5 - Frozen Rose by Avon is a dark rosey pink colour, however not as deep on the lips due to it's light pigmentation and creamy texture. It is quite sheer but lovely for the days where you want to look au natural.

6 - Snob by MAC. This appears more of a pastel purple pink compared to the others and is definitely not for the faint hearted. (I have already done a blog post on this lipstick if you want to check it out here)
I feel as if some days it can look nice and some it cannot, but I love the pigmentation and how different it is - definitely check it out if you are a lipstick lover like me!

7 - Infrared By Topshop was first introduced by Zoey (Zoella) on Youtube and it looked GORGEOUS on her! I purchased it at a reasonable £6 but find it doesn't really suit me.. Not sure if I wear it on the right days or whatever but I love the orangey red colour and recommend the topshop lipsticks to anyone.

8 - Love That Red (725) Super lustrous Lipstick By Revlon. - This colour doesn't seem to be available at Revlon counters, however I found this in the factory shop for a mere £2.. bargain!
It's a traditional red colour with a bit of sheen - the lipstick says 'creme' so is a perfect moisturising red lip colour. It's gorgeous!

9 - Sociable By ELF is a dark hot pink colour and is the same formula to 'Sociable'. Again, £1.50 and such good value for money! I think hot pinks will be suitable for summer so I'm definitely looking forward to wearing it.

10 - 62 By Barry M is probably one of the first lipsticks I ever bought (you wouldn't think it by looking at the colour would you?!) It'a a BRIGHT neon pink colour, that I must admit looks hard to wear. Patted on lightly though can look lovely and the matte consistency makes it long wearing.

Forgot to swatch 'Berry Sorbet' By Natural Collection for some reason, so here it is..
It is berry coloured (believe it or not!) and is mostly matte but applies quite well. Nice and pigmented: Cheap as chips too!

Sorry for the rather long post, but hope you liked.
What are all your favourite lipsticks?

Love Alice
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