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Monday, 20 February 2012

My Favourite Cheap Perfume!

As my blog is looking less shabby, my motivation to do lots and lots of posts has increased dramatically!
I absolutely love Kate Moss' perfume 'Kate' as it is a gorgeous smell, lovely bottle and an excellent bargain, so all the more reason for it to fall priority in my list of posts to do.

At the satisfying price of £12.99 for 50ml in Bodycare, it's rare that it will hurt my bank account, hehe.
I did get this for christmas, but have purchased it for my momma for mothers day, as she is always borrowing mine because she loves it that much!

"This fragrance for women is both ultrafeminine and a bit rock 'n roll. Created by perfumer nathalie lorsen, notes include top notes of orange blossom absolute, forget-me-not and pink pepper;
heartnotes of lily of the valley, heliotrope, magnolia and peony,and rose petal notes.
Basenotes are dark and sultry;
patchouli, sandalwood, musk, vetiver and ambret seeds"

I am awful at describing scents and don't fully understand the concept of basenotes and what not, however I thought that would be helpful in describing what it's like..

As I said, it will hardly break the bank so if your into florally scents, why not give it a try?! If you do not live near a Bodycare, online have some pretty good deals. I found this website that handles in US dollars here and  on amazon here where they are doing a 100ml bottle for £17.99!

Hope you have a good week.
Love Alice xx

Sunday, 19 February 2012

GOSH Nail Glitter

I have yet to do a blog post about nails, which is crazyyy as my nail polish collection is rather large and still expanding! When someone came into work with sparkly, glittery green nails - I knew I had to have whatever she was wearing and once it was purchased, I knew I had to create a blog post about it!

I got the colour 'Turqouise'

The colour range was pretty decent and I always love the GOSH counter's in Superdrug. The girl at work had 'Jade Green' and that looked a paler shade which was very nice, too. I think I may try the purple one soon, as that looks gorgeous for nights out!

How to apply:

Firstly, you apply any polish of your choice. You may choose to use a clear nail polish, whereas I chose a green colour similar to the glitter because then chipping will be less noticeable.

Then, before your polish dries, dip your finger into the pot (I have toilet paper at the ready in a bid to prevent making a mess everywhere!)

Lift out and the glitter will stick to only the part of your finger/nail where you painted. Gently wipe off the glitter from the rest of your finger - using a cotton bud made it so much easier..

This was the result...
(My first try so not the best!!!)

With flash

Overall, I am happy with this nail glitter, but will only be in use for special occasions/nights out. I wouldn't say the staying power is very long so I wouldn't wear it for a week at sixth form etc..
In terms of getting it off, I assume it will be harder to get off than regular nail polish. Try soaking your nails in a polish remover that has acetone in. This may make your nails/hands dry, but you can always use a nice moisturizer (Soap and Glory Hand Food, mmm.)

Without flash


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My New Candle

Despite the hype for 'Yankee Candles', I feel as if £15+ is an absolutely ridiculous price, due to the fact that other candles (such as this one) do the same job well enough. This is from Ikea and was sooo cheap! It is a lovely vanilla scent and I also picked up a berry one: not photographed, sorry. There were many more scents too if you prefer musky or fresh smells, but my preference lies with sweet scents at the moment.

Burning on my window sill.. mm homely

I recommend anyone who likes scents to go check out the range of candles at ikea.. the store I went to, they were right near the end of your journey round. There were different sizes, different scents, different designs and even scented beads (which I purchased alongside glass jars to store my make-up brushes in with - blogpost coming later). 

Doesn't look that interesting, sorry. I just love photos of candles (weird, I know..)

Tell me some of your favourite candles... I'd love to know and try them out.
If you disagree with my comment on Yankee Candles and their overrated-ness, then also feel free to express your opinions! 

Love Alice xox

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