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Sunday, 29 January 2012

MUA Mosiac Blush

MUA blush in 'English Rose'
I heard about this blush from 'Voussontbeauetbelle' (Becca) on YouTube and so quickly made an online Superdrug order, also ordering 3 MUA eyeshadow palettes which will be the content of my next blog post and are ah-mazing!

I got the shade 'English Rose', as the silver/purple colours give a great highlight, making this a lovely multi-purpose product!
At a mere £2.50, you cannot go wrong and I believe it is MUCH better than my Sleek blush which cost me almost double (still not a lot but very un-pigmented.)
Pigmentation is pretty good, especially for the price and the packaging is nice and simple but also see-through so the pretty colours can be seen when sitting on my desk.

The top swatch is the dark and light pink blush colours and the bottom is
the silver and lilac highlight colour

Overall, I think the blush is great value for money and lies on the same rank in my mind as my MAC 'Harmony' blush! I recommend buying and you can get it from here .. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My New and Favourite Lipstick

Hello Everyone, 
So I went on a little shopping trip the other Sunday (the only day I get off due to school, schoolwork AND work!)
.. and I purchased a few things including a couple of things from MAC! As well as a blush in 'Harmony' (May be reviewed later), I also got a Satin Lipstick in 'Snob'.

I have toooo many lipsticks and lip products, however I could not resist this purchase as it is my FIRST MAC LIPSTICK. Can you believe it?!
MAC lipstick in 'Snob'

The lipstick is actually very cool toned on the lips, unlike the image I have swatched. It is a pastel pink with some hints of purple, so not for the faint hearted. I love the satin finish however, and I like wearing bright lipsticks so this is perrrrfect.


Sunday, 22 January 2012

ELF Haul

This post is a long time coming, as I purchased these ELF beauties before christmas. I guess the advantage to this is the fact that I have had time to try the products out, in order to give a full review on them.

The brushes I purchased were: A stippling brush, a total face brush, and 3 eye brushes (1 for applying (flat), 2 for either blending/the crease). These brushes give nice application and my favourite has to be the stippling brush because it evens out my foundation so well when using a liquid one. The crease brushes also fits lovely into your eye crease - the perfect size and applies nicely.

ELF lipsticks in 'Flirtatious' and 'Sociable'

Swatches ('Flirtatious' on the top, 'sociable' on the bottom.)
'Flirtatious' is a nice light pink with a hint of coral and is just a nice natural shade on the lips.
'Sociable' is a bit more dramatic - a hot pink that can look red in some lights, which annoys me. (Maybe it's just my eyes.)
They are nice and creamy so nice and easy to apply.. Not amazed at the length of time they last, but I do think that is the case with creamy formulas from any brand.

Top to bottom: Plumping lip glaze in 'Fuschia Fantastic' and the Luscious liquid lipstick in 'Strawberry'.

Swatches (not brilliant, sorry) in the same order as above

The plumping lip glaze gives a nice colour as well as shine. The consistency isn't TOO sticky and I am rather pleased with it.
The liquid lipstick is a rather unique idea but I'm not too fussed about it, to be honest. It gives a nice subtle sheen to the lips however, which is always a plus.

Other products from this haul to mention: Tweezers in purple and tone correcting concealer in 'Apricot beige'. The tweezers look pretty with the purple gems and were a nice £2.50. They do a good job (better than before) and I don't feel the need to be paying ridiculous amounts for a pair of tweezers, in my opinion..
May I mention that I do not remember choosing this concealer colour as it is a fair colour, hahaha, but it seems decent. I don't really use it as the coverage is very light, but for £1.50, you're basically getting it for free.. ;)

Overall, I am happy with my ELF order and I think the quality is great for the price you pay - brill value for money! X

Thursday, 12 January 2012

War Of The Hair Products!

Firstly, must I apologize for the quality of my pictures if you think it is bad..
But they are certainly an improvement from before (Surprisingly I am using my phone instead of my camera.)

Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm 
I know these products aren't applied at the same time and whatever, however they both do the same job - to moisturise and repair your hair.
The Umberto Giannini balm came in a set that I got for christmas, but you can buy it individually also, at the price of about £5. You put it on your hair at nighttime and at first I felt weird and like it stuck my hair together - essentially you are putting cream straight onto your hair. However, in the morning my ends felt really nice (for once!) and I really do believe it helps with the health of the ends of your hair. I have a constant battle with my split ends and I'm really hoping this product will help me out in the long run. P.s The smell is quite nice.
The Herbal essences intensive mask is priced at a mere £2 (bargain!) and makes your hair feel really smooth when you have washed it out. However, I feel as time has passed, the product has almost dissolved within the container. It is a really watery texture and I believe I have used much less than what it looks like I have used, if that makes sense? Maybe I didn't store it right, I don't know, it's quite strange.
It gives a nice texture to the hair and smells really nice, but I am still debating whether it is doing anything to my hair in the long run..

Next up we have heat protection products...
Avon's Advance Techiques V TRESemme
To be fair, it is quite difficult to monitor whether a heat protectant is really working..
I love the Avon one and have no complaints for the moment! It is around £3 which is not bad at all and I also have the heat protectant mat which is such a good idea when laying the electrical hair products down!
The TRESemme heat defence spray is about £5 in boots, however I must mention you can get it cheaper at Bodycare. Bodycare offers so many products that boots offer for about a 1/3 of the price.. it needs more publicity!

Anyhooooo, the tresemme spray I guess does the job. I find it quite sticky sometimes when in wet hair and just look forward to my hair being dry.
But I have no complaints with these products, as I guess I don't use them enough to judge as much as I'd like. (My hair is naturally straight and I occasionally curl it.)

Next up is dry shampoos which I find come in handy with me on times where I have no time to wash my hair.
Batiste V TRESemme
I'm sure everyone has heard of batiste and some critise it for the white marks it leaves in your hair. Some also say that the TRESemme one is much better as I have seen explained on many youtube videos.
The batiste one is half the price and if you visit 'Home Bargains' is even cheaper.. I believe it does the job well and if you rub your hair - the white marks should disappear. Their range for brown hair is also a fantastic idea.

The TRESemme product has received quite a bit of praise, however I find that it doesn't really do the job? It doesn't leave white marks which is great, but I feel like my hair doesn't look significantly different. This may be because I'm not using enough, but do I really want to be using half a can at the price of £5 a can? I think not..
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