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Sunday, 11 December 2011

My Foundations! (and reviews) ☺

You may not know, but I loooove my foundations! This is a review on all the ones I own and you may leave comments on your favourite foundations for purchases in the future. 

1.) First up, is one of my favourites: Estee Lauder Double Wear.

I was very excited when I first picked this up, as I saw many reviews revealing how brilliant and amazing it was..
It is an oil free product and 'non-acnegenic', so great for those of you with oily and acne-prone skin!

My thoughts:

Coverage: As everyone says. Gives a flawless coverage without looking like a mask.
Staying power: This foundation lasts a long time! As it's claimed: 'Stay-in-place Makeup' - it really does stay on all day. When taking make-up off, it can be a pain and take a while, but that's what we want, a stay on all day product.
Texture: I love the texture, as it is nice and silky. It isn't cakey and gives a matte finish with some sheen, I guess.
Bottle and packaging: The bottle looks quite nice, however would be so much better with a pump. I hate it when you pour foundation out of a bottle and then you've poured too much or too little. Thumbs down for that I'm afraid.
Price: This is quite pricey at £26, but definitely worth it for those of you with oily 

2.) Another of my favourites, a mineral foundation: Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation.

I always thought a mineral foundation would never be enough for my oily, acne-prone skin. However, I recently plucked up the courage to spend £31 on a make-up item and realised how much I love it!
My thoughts:
Coverage: I never thought a mineral foundation could give such excellent coverage, however this can. You can light/medium coverage to a heavy coverage: it is definitely build-able.
Staying power: This stays better than a lot of foundations (not as well as Double Wear) but could do with a little dusting of powder over the top to ensure amazing coverage all day!
Texture: The texture is clearly a powdery mineral texture and sits nicely on the skin.
Bottle and packaging: I looove the packaging for this for some reason. I love how you can easily put the powder into the lid then swirl your brush around in it. You can also swing the lid thing round to close to ensure your powder will not spill in the lid when not being used.
Price: This foundation was £31. A lot! But I really do love it.

3.) Recently bought was: Revlon Photoready

The colour I bought was quite dark, so this foundation is my sort of 'night foundation' - when I have fake tanned my neck etc and especially when I am going to be in photos.
My thoughts
Coverage: This is a medium coverage (possibly light) If I compare it with double wear, it is a lot thinner. Nice to put over another one though or under one, to look fab in photographs at parties this christmas!
Staying power: This lasted all night for me and was great 
Texture: The texture is light and silky
Bottle and packaging: I love the bottle - it has a pump. Lovely jubbly.
Price: This is a reasonable £12. Probably the most expensive 'drug store' foundation, but it is probably also the best...

4.) Bought a while back: Superbalanced Makeup Foundation By Clinique

I used to think this foundation was the bees knees but due to my recent purchases, I haven't used it in a while.
Coverage: The coverage is quite good, better than drug store foundations, I'd say medium.
Staying Power: I think this is the downfall with this product. I'm sure I wore it to sixth form the other day and half way through the day, my face looked clogged and blotchy. This may be because I've had it quite a while because I do remember loving it when I first bought it!
Texture: The texture is pretty nice and smooth.
Bottle and packaging: No pump again :(
Price: I bought this for £20 - it is now £21. I think this is okay, but I'm not crazy about the product anymore. 

5.) Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation
I feel this foundation is too light for me as I got 100 ivory. It is also a light coverage and I feel it may break me out a little.
Coverage: Light (ish)
Staying power: It says it lasts 25 hours. I doubt that long if I'm honest. I think it lasts quite a while if enough is applied.
Texture: Nice and silky.
Bottle and packaging: A pump, therefore a winner. I love the simplicity of the bottle and how easy it can be applied.
Price: I bought it when it first came on the market so got it at the introductory offer of £4.99. It is now £6.99 but worth it if your skin is not oily and acne prone.

I want to try MAC foundations such as Studio Sculpt and Studio Fix Fluid. I also want to try Chanel's range and NARs. Recommendations?
Much Love,
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