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Monday, 31 October 2011

My Recent Beauty Buys!

Hello Everyone! Just thought I'd let you have a sneak peek of my recent beauty purchases. I love them all and they are all affordable and bargains! So let's get started...

'Hand Food' By Soap and Glory
This hand cream is affordable at the price of £4.85 in Boots and is sooo moisturising! The good thing about it, is that the moisture remains within the hands for an extended period of time and you don't feel the need to re-apply all the time.
I had the derma hand cream and I feel the moisture disappeared within about 10 seconds. Silly! Even though I bought it for like less than a pound so I guess that is to be expected...
So, if you are looking for a hand cream, I would say definitely give this a go!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs
Yes, I'm sure many of you have heard of this and I am here to confirm my love for it! I purchased this is Savers for about £5 and got it in 'Medium Glow'.
It is so nice to spray on your legs before a night out. So tanned and airbrushed, mmmm.
I realise I need to rub it in once I apply, to avoid looking like a satsuma or something..
So, if you have not yet tried out this product, I recommend you do so! :)
No7 Cleanse and Care Eye Make-up remover
Now, I feel £7.25 for an eye make-up remover is pretty over budget for me as a student. However, with my £5 No7 voucher, I decided to purchase it for a mere £2.25 which was fab! It is nice and creamy and I feel as if it not drying to your eyes unlike Simple's Eye make-up remover. I love the fact it has a pump, which I pump on to my cotton wool pad and gently remove my make-up. Also, it actually removes ALL my eye make-up, without leaving me with panda eyes unlike Simple.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
This a reconstructing deep conditioner for damaged hair. My hair isn't damaged, therefore I am waiting to use this for when I dye my hair or use heat repetitively for a week or so. I shall review it then, but I have heard the Aussie haircare range is very rewarding and my friend who uses it, has lovely smooth hair. It was 99p for this sample and I may purchase the full bottle when I have made my mind up about this sample.
Beauty UK No 32 Neon Orange, MUA: Shade 5, Shade 9, Shade 3, Shade 1.
These polishes are so cheap, with the MUA shades being £1 each and the beauty UK polish being about £2.50.
I should have shown you these colours on my nails, but I shall describe the shades to you in words ;)
As described, the neon orange is funnily enough.. neon orange. Not like, wow neon, but pretty nice and orange. The green shade is sort of a minty green colour and reminds me of Revlon Minted. The blue colour is a nice blue colour, I wouldn't say light nor dark. The purple colour is a nice fuchsia colour, a dark fuchsia most likely. The Shade 1 on the end is not black as it appears, but a dark bluey purple with slight holographic glitter in it! My favourite of all the polishes!
I won't lie, they do chip pretty easily, but I didn't use a top coat... 
I'd recommend these nail polishes for those of you on a budget and I love the range of colours that MUA have at the moment!

-Thanks for reading this guys, hope it gives you some ideas of what you may want to buy or those lovely bargains around!
 I wrote this blog, then the laptop froze, so I have re-wrote it whilst watching a programme about trip advisor, hahaha. So pre-apologies if you are aware that this is not the best blog around at the moment.
Nevertheless, hope you like ;D
P.S My birthday tomorrow yayayayay! -

Much love,
Alice xox


Monday, 17 October 2011

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