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Sunday, 24 July 2011

What I do to stay slim and healthy ♡


I find that is is very important to eat breakfast EVERYDAY. It provides your body with the energy that will be essential throughout the day. It will fill you up until midday when you have lunch, and if not, a simple fruit snack could be eaten.
Another pointer that I feel is essential is the timing of your tea or as some say 'dinner'. I usually have mine very early, most of the time 5pm, however it can sometimes be 4.30pm. This ensures that a big meal is eaten far from bedtime, where your body will be still and unable to burn many calories. You can then have snacks later on, just make sure that this isn't a big meal.

A typical day for me:

Breakfast - Weetabix with chopped banana. Or Cookie Crisp. Or Fruit 'n' Fibre.

Lunch (Early-ish) - Ryvita's and crispbreads with margarine and some sort of paste (Beef or Chicken and Ham) Today, I also had some plum, cherry and yellow tomatoes on my plate.
I occasionally have a packet of crisps (Quavers and French fries are the least fattening! McCoys and Walkers and Doritos are the most fattening - however I adore Doritos and occasionally have these on a night mmm)

Snacks - Between Lunch and Dinner, I will have many snacks and regular intervals! I try to have a satsuma (tangerine or orange) every day, as this helps your immune system and Vitamin C is essential! I love having a bowl of purple grapes and/or strawberries also! (Strawberry picking is fun and makes sure they are fresher and have not being sprayed with pesticides!)
I also have an icecream or a lolly. Ribena lollies only have about 30-40 calories in and are very refreshing! Ben and Jerrys Strawberry Cheesecake Frozen Yoghurt is low fat and VERY tasty. Lately, I have being eating it out of the tub - small quantities at a time and have found it very enjoyable indeed!

Dinner - I am fortunate enough to have parents who make proper meals every night. My plate usually consists of: Meat, Potato and Vegetables. For example, Pork with mash potato and green beans.
We have 'Sunday Lunch' every Sunday (an English thing), which includes meat, roast potatoes, cabbage, carrots, green beans, occasionally stuffing and of course, Yorkshire puddings!
I rarely have pizza, even though it is very nice, but I save that for when we eat out (which is rare.)
However, when I do eat pizza, we have wedges with it instead of chips and also have salad, to maintain a balanced diet.

After Dinner Snacks - On a night, I try to incorporate a piece of fruit, such as a satsuma again or a bowl of grapes. I also treat myself to a home-made cookie/biscuit/cake also. Making your own cookies etc is better than buying them in the shops, as you know what has being put in and is free of  E numbers and preservatives. They are also yummy! If I have not had an icecream in that day, I will have one that night. Same with a packet of crisps. However, I will try not to have the two within one night!

I find my diet consists of both healthy and unhealthy foods. I feel as if I can keep myself satisfied all day without going too off-balance and still being able to stay slim.


To be honest, I should do more exercise. I dance once a week for 2 hours or so. That's it.
I occasionally go for a little run, but that doesn't seem to happen much. I used to go to the gym, but I find paying for exercise is a little silly, really.
HOWEVER, I have realised that I need to do more and have started a routine that I try to do at least once a day! It is a toning exercise and will ensure my bum, tum and thighs are in great shape!

My toning routine:
20 sit ups (more if possible)
Leg turns (Lay on side and rotate leg in circles feeling the burn!) - Do on each leg at least twice.
Bum crunches as I say! (Place forearms on floor and be on your knees. Lift one leg, but holding some sort of weight behind your knee. Lift your leg with the weight there and this will tone your bum!)
I attempt press-ups but my arms are very weak (working on it though!)

Thanks for reading and I hope some of this info helps you!
Stay healthy,


Friday, 22 July 2011



Recently, I have being really loving the aztec theme, especially in jewellery and I think triangles are really fashionable too! These have being seen in places like Urban Outfitters and GoGo Phillip etc.. However, now primark has realized this trend and decided to stock some triangle aztec earrings like these! FOR £2! Bargain, I'd say! They also do these in a white and black and i think there may be a little gold? But i decided to go for the more colourful ones with the red in. For £2, you could defo get both!

Another pair of earrings I found in Primark were these droplet earrings. I found these from a youtube guru called SWalkerMakeup on youtube! She is gorgeous and they really suited her, so I decided to go find these when I went in. £1.50! They are like little droplets and the stone looks really nice and not cheap! I just hope they don't break...

I will be definitely taking these two pairs on holiday with me, alongside my feather earrings, some other silver danglys and maybe a couple of pairs of studs!


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dancing Show Smokey Eyes ♥

Excuse the fact I am in my Pyjamas, but i thought I'd show my smokey eyes. 
I wore them for my dance shows dress rehearsal tonight.. 
I didn't leave my doughnut bun in, sorry ;D
but let me know your thoughts on my eyes.

On My Face:

Rimmel Lasting 25 Hour Foundation
A bit of Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Concealer: Garnier Spot Roll On and Collection 2000 lasting perfecting concealer
Cheeks: Sleek Contour Kit
Lip stuff had worn off :)
Eyes: Black eyeshadow from Sleek pallette and white from a random thing.
Bit of Urban Decay's 'Oil Slick' underneath and on top too.
Rimmel Eyeliner.
Clinique Mascara.

Hope you like this eye and ask if you want a tutorial.


Monday, 11 July 2011

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation ♡

So here it is, my new little baby!!

Estee Lauder Foundation is a medium coverage foundation (I'd say medium to heavier, personally). I like this coverage as it covers my acne and blemishes, without creating a mask! 
This foundation stays in place ALL day and is 'Non-Acnegenic', 'Oil Free' and 'Fragrance Free', so is sure to not give you a bad complexion or to create oil within your skin.

The only con I would say is the fact that the bottle could be better, as in using a pump of some sort.
I don't particularly love the 'pour bottles', as it is sort of hard to control how much comes out, whereas one pump on to your foundation brush and TA DA! 
However, I can definitely live with this, as it gives me great coverage and I have even had comments on how much better my skin looked!

This foundation is very pricey at £26.50!  But you get what you pay for and I feel as if it is worth it 100%!
You can purchase this from any Estee Lauder counter, which are available in the UK in places like Debenhams, House Of Fraser, Harvey Nichols, Fenwicks etcetc (just if you didn't know this already!) 
Almost forgot to mention, it has SPF 10! I was unsure when I saw this, as SPF is not always great when photos are being taken, but I don't think it shows too much and will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, which is always a bonus! 


A Summer Look ♡

This is me before I went to an event near me! 
I love this look as it really reflects Summer for me, and happiness.
Do you like my orange and yellow feather earrings?
They are from Primark!! £1!
I am wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation which is my new 'holy grail' product!
I left my hair from the night before where I had it Curly/Wavy.
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